How is religious indoctrination different than emotional child abuse?

It seems to me that convincing a young child that if s/he does not do what his/her parents say, then they’ll go to hell, is awfully emotionally disturbing and abusive (i know first hand, in fact). how is this any different than other forms of emotional abuse?

I think it can scare little children into submission, which is what the parents are looking to do. Little children take threats literally. I think scaring children into submission is a poor way to go about rearing a child. I remember going to Sunday school with a friend over summer, and thinking it was a load of B.S. and then I went home and told my mom such and I was never going back. All we did was hear about how bad Eve was and talking snakes and we colored pictures. I mean, give me a break – did they really think all of the kids were going to believe that drivel? My mom had no issue with it, even at that young age, I knew when my B.S. detector went off that it was time to reconsider things! 🙂

Becoz there is a right way and a wrong way to teach a child. To instruct their child is every parent’s duty. All religions have something good in them.
Nothing wrong if a parent tells the same to their child as long as they treat him right. You would not be writing this if your folks had treated you right, would you?

I’m sorry that your first exposure to Christianity was so negative, but your experience is not universal. My Christian parents took me to church, bought me a Bible, and were there to answer any questions I might have had. But they let me decide my own beliefs, and they never threatened me with Hell as a punishment for anything I might have done wrong.

As a result, I grew up being able to make my own choices about religion and didn’t regard God as some cosmic Ogre ready to throw me into the fire if I disobeyed. I’d like to think that the same tolerance and peace of mind have accompanied me throughout my entire Christian experience — 42 years’ worth of said experience.

Like I said, I’m sorry you were abused in the name of religion, but it’s not necessarily the norm for all those who grow up in a Christian household.

when i was younger my mom never told me that if i didn’t do what she said i’d go to hell. I was taught that God is loving and we have free will to reject or accept that love from Him. I also believe Jesus Christ died on the cross on Calvary for our sins. My dad however kept telling me that i was no good, i was stupid, retarded, not worth anything to anyone and i should be in an institution just because I’m disabled. The difference is mom taught me love and caring and my dad was full of nothing but hate.

My friend, I was emotionally abused as a child too actually physically too but I have forgiven all since forgivenace frees me foremost. I always dwell on the positive besides when I was hurt I realized the importance of why not to hurt so I plan to spread as much knowledge and awareness about it. I would recommand a similar role for you. In the mean time, I will tell you a joke with significance in it,

Nasruddin addressed a crowd saying “People, do you want knowledge without difficulties, truth without falsehood, attainment without effort, progress without sacrifice?”

Everyone shouted, “Yes,yes!”

“Wonderful” said Nasruddin. “I do too and if I ever discover how to do it, I will be delighted to tell you”…:)

Ahh.. do you have kids or your own?

Why do you tell them that they’ll get punished if they don’t do as you say? or break the law?
You don’t know that.. they MIGHT get away with it scott-free. You are emotionally harming your kids!

Do you indocturinate them with what YOU THINK is “right from wrong” ? — HOW DARE YOU!

Your Question makes it seems as if….

– You suppose that teaching your children a moral code to live by is bad.

– You suppose that parents ONLY teach that they will burn in hell if they do something wrong.

– You suppose that they DON’T teach kids right and wrong using “nature consequences” or “OBJECTIVE TRUTH”

– You suppose they don’t teach their kids freewill which is central to the concept of hell.

– You suppose they don’t teach their kids LOVE and to follow God because it will make them feel complete and content.

— Lastly, you suppose that children are soo emotionally fragile that telling them this will harm them.

It is abuse, the first thing it teaches them is to give control of their own ideas or thoughts over to the invisible man that will send them to hell if he does not do what his parents interpret the bible to say or mean.

Because not all religious indoctrination is negative. Not all religions believe in hell.

Sorry to hear you has such a traumatic childhood. I hope you find peace.


It is child abuse and you never really recover from it

It isn’t. Christian families are some of the most abusive. Trust me, I would know….

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