I rear-ended a rental car that had purchased full insurance – will my insurance pay for the damage to rental?

I rear-ended a car (slow speed, ~10 mph – no one was hurt). My car was fine, but the car I hit – a rental, has a dent in the bumper. The driver of the rental was very nice and said that he purchased insurance for the rental. Does that mean his rental insurance will cover the damage to the rental car, or will I…

Yes your insurance will have to pay to fix the rental car no bones about it. All the insurance he bought covers is if you didn’t have insurance or not enough insurance, and if he ran into someone (liability).

Yes your insurance will have to pay.

No. If you were at fault (which you were), then you or your insurance pays for the damages to the rental car. If the rental car insurance covers the damages, their insurance company will come after you for reimbursement.

Since you were at fault, the rental insurance will come back to your insurance for payment. Depending on the laws of your state, your insurance premium may increase.

If you are at fault then your liability insurance will be charged. The rental insurance is in case they hit someone.

You were at fault, so your insurance will pay.

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