If I hypothetically told my parents I was raped and got pregnant, they couldn’t do anything right?

(I’m not pregnant) but OK, I’m 19 and to avoid getting into trouble with my parents when I do get pregnant (because I plan on it) if I told them I got raped or something they can’t like make me have an abortion and they can’t make me press charges against anyone right? I know it sounds like a bad…

I think that if you told your parents you were raped and got pregnant… Well, there’s a good chance they might always resent your baby for what happened to you. Or they would try to convince you to press charges- they might even call the police for you.

Besides, if you and the father did work out- or if the baby’s father wanted to be in the child’s life at some point- how on earth would you explain that to your parents? “Mom, I’m sorry that I lied to you and made you think that someone violated me against my will, because I was just too scared to tell you the truth.” If you’re not ready to admit to your parents that you’re having sex, then you’re not ready to be a parent. You have plenty of time left. Don’t just go out and try to get pregnant because “everyone else is doing it.”

Honey, getting raped is not fun. It means that someone is taking control of your body and your life- it’s painful, mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s something that will haunt you for the rest of your life. It gives you some serious trust issues with any guy after that.

I can’t believe you would ask a question like this. First off your parents cant make you do anything the only time they probably could is if you were still a minor which you said you were not. Secondly I was raped in high school with two other girls on the football Field by my own boyfriend and his two friends after cheering at the football game. I ended up getting pregnant and I gave the baby up for open adoption. You just insulted every girl that has ever been raped and you just gave every guy a chance to get laid. I just don’t understand how your mind is functioning. I hate to say this but the reason why your not pregnant is because your not ready yet!!! Your don’t deserve to be pregnant after what you just said on this posting. How do you deserve a baby? anyone who would lie and tell their parents they were raped when they weren’t doesn’t deserve no baby. You say you want a baby and how you deserve one well if that were the truth you wouldn’t have to lie to your parents when and if you do get pregnant you would just tell them the truth I got pregnant not oh I was raped and got pregnant. your one of the reasons why women and girls have so much trouble telling people they were raped especially law enforcement because you lie and say you were raped and you weren’t. You really need psychological help. I am so pissed right now I cant even say anymore like

This question is disgusting, immature, selfish, ridiculous…. and as a rape survivor, I find it utterly offensive.

” Sometimes I feel like my life would be easier if I did get raped, I wouldn’t be a virgin, and I might finally get to have my baby 🙁 ”

How can you make a statement like that?!

You need serious help in the form of a counsellor or psychologist. I am horrified that you would think this way, let alone post something this obscene in a public forum. Shame on you.

This is the craziest thing I Have ever read in my life.
This right here shows me that your not even mature enough to have a baby.

First of your no your parents couldn’t make you do anything , but could you imagine the heartache and pain you would put them through by telling them this.
Imagine your daughter came to you saying she was raped. How devastated would you be?
And then what? explain to your daughter or son that they were product of a rape victim?

I suggest next time you have a pap smear ask the doctor to sow your vagina shut and get a babysitting Job.


No they could not force you to do anything, but your child will someday find out that is where his grandparents believe he came from. Imagining believing you are a product of rape. What a horrible burden for a child to bear. Just say you tried alcohol just once, and this happened. You made a mistake but you are a big girl and are going to deal with the consequences. It will be much better for your child in the future

don’t ever wish to get raped. seriously. you don’t know the pain those girls go through, you are an adult so if you plan on having child make sure that you are ready mentally, physically, and emotionally. just because everyones having children doesn’t mean that you have to.. enjoy your life and wait till you find the right man.

to me it does not sound like you’re ready.. there’s more to a baby than all the cuteness.

Being raped is NOT something that would make your life easier. The fact that you can seriously sit there and say that is disgusting.
You shouldn’t lie to your parents about something that serious… Or for anything for that matter.

You obviously are too immature for a baby.

See, I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you wanted to be a bartender, but now you’re saying that it would be easier if you got RAPED?

Are you serious? You have just trivialized every single woman who has ever been raped. I hope to hell it never happens to you, because it would be terrible. it’s not something I would wish on anyone.

It’s not funny.

I remember in some of your other stupid post that you said you were like 15….you really need to grow up before thinking about having a baby.

You say you would be a ‘great mother’, but your planning childish lies to tell your parents and wishing you would get raped…. You would be no where near a ‘great mother’, keep your legs closed until you get a hell of a lot more mature and can make an adult decision.

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