If u had 2 chose 1 country, and make them a hockey line (C,W,W,D,D,G) what country would you choose/players?






which of these two line ups would you choose

USA (biased) in 2 years

Zach Parise-Paul Stastny-Phil Kessel

Ryan Whitney-Erik Johnson


Looking at it from an academic point of view, cross country running will help you out a lot. You could put it on your resume/application form when applying for a job or university course. They always like to know about your extra-curricular activities and if they see that you were in the school’s top cross country running team, you’ll have an advantage. But I think that you should just do whatever you enjoy most. Good luck working your way out of this dilemma. 🙂

It would definitely have to be the Swedes

C-Alfredsson LW- Zetterberg RW- Holmstrom
D- Lidstrom D- Kronwall
G- Lundquist

maybe a little biased . . Red Wing Fan

Of those two , I like the Russian line better. Just my opinion.But if I had to choose a country, I would choose The Czech Republic. Jagr, Straka,Vokoun,Dvorak,Spacek,Mezei There are so many great Czechs.


Wow. I can’t believe some people are actually not saying Canada.

I could pick a second Canadian line I would rather have. Thornton, Crosby, Nash, Phaneuf, Redden

Could probably even find a third I would rather have with guys like Spezza, Gagne et al still kicking around……….

I’d choose the Russian one, but if I had to create my own, Canada:
Roy…or Brodeur I’m still workin on that one

Of your two teams, I would definitely pick the Canadian one. Its fully of proven veterans, most of them are still in their prime.

Your Russian team has too many inexperienced, ‘unpredictable’ guys at forward for my liking.

I’d choose your Russian one, or…

F-Zetterberg- Sundin- Alfredsson
D-Lidstrom- Enstrom
G- Lunqvist

The best one would be Canada:

Heatley, Crosby (yeah that’s right), Iginla, Pronger, Phaneuf, Luongo.

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