Is it ever justifiable to hit a kangaroo?

I’ve always been taught that it’s wrong to hit a kangaroo; I remember my parents always saying “Sophie, don’t let us ever hear that you hit a kangaroo.” But, I recently saw a video of a man boxing a kangaroo. Do you think it’s morally acceptable hit a kangaroo back if it hits you first?…

no, boxing them it just suicide…try shooting them.

yes there are many acceptable circumstances in which you may hit a kangaroo for example in self defense like if it hits you first or also it is ok if it has broken into your house and is trying to steal your tv this happens from time to time also if it is consensual such as a boxing or ufc match or like a rugby game or something hitting and or tackling it is acceptable

ps sophie is a nice name are you hot

I’ve nearly hit kangaroos many times. I live in the country and they come bounding out of the bush and head straight for my car. Attack-Kangaroos are not to be messed with!

Kangaroos are too cute for me to make such a futile attempt.

Let’s be honest, if a woman is coming at me with a knife or weapon and going to kill or critically injure me i am clocking her to save lots of my own existence. I am a pacifist, but that does not mean i am going to sit there and get murdered or maimed. @Jenny, you might be an utter moron. You suppose ladies have the proper to murder a person and he simply has to take a seat there and die? Feminine supremacists such as yourself are a serious threat to humanity.

No, just no…
Kangaroos are so cute if you hit them everything falls apart.

a kangaroo has a trick

they have very strong tails

they lean back on the tail – raise their legs

and disembowel their opponent with their hind legs/claws – fact

you never box a kangaroo – well only if you are dumb

– looks below tried and failed i believe

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