Music and babies?

Before your baby is born do you read to them, mozart music to the tummy. Does these things make them smarter?

Just recently had this discussion, apparently listening to classical music unlocks certain pathways in the brain but only for a short time right after listening to it. Even for adults, but all music is effective in some way, classical is just more effective because its melodies are more complex. Singing to your baby is excellent because it helps to teach them the language and improve their memory, but that’s by teaching them the lyrics as well, when they are older. The best advice is to teach your child to play an instrument classical music training is excellent for the developement of the brain. As far as singing or communication with your baby while inutero its never too early to start building a bond with your child, but that’s all you are really doing.

hope this helps.

There’s really no proof that those things will make them smarter. However, babies do often seem to recognize their mothers’ voices shortly after birth, because they heard them before they were born.

I had my baby listen to music, and maybe read to them a little, research says it does help…Classical music, even after birth is supposed to make them smarter in math later on in life…my daughter loves it.

hi amy lynn. it doesnt make them smarter now. but as u expose them to all these activites,they definately have a headstart as u are cultivating n stimulating ur baby from young.

when u read to ur baby, he/she may not understand wat u are saying but he/she is listening and will get familiar with the tones u use 2 read n u are creating a habit 4 ur child. so dont complain when ur baby is out n in time 2 come, bugs u to read to him/her everynite…

n as 4 music,its the same concept.

No, not really. I didn’t do any of those with my eldest son and he is one of the top students in the whole batch not just in class. And he plays the violin very well and he kicks a ss playing junior soccer.

Hmmm..I think it’s in the genes..=)

You would want to talk to the baby to recognise your voice or the daddy’s though.

I don’t know if it will make your baby smarter, but it will strengthen the bond between the two of you.

I do not beleive it makes them smarter but the bonding is definetly stronger

my husband reads to our daughter and I sing to her and paly music…don’t know if it will make her smarter but I know it is bonding us together as a family.

i think it more to make them aware of their surrounding rather than making them smarter! x

generally music will produce an impact on them

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