My Yorkie puppy wont go potty outside during the winter?

I’ve tried everything! i’ve tried putting a sweater on her, i shoveled a spot for her, and I tried putting newspaper down!!! How can i get her potty trained outside? i have pee pads too for inside the house, but id rather potty train her to go outside. Shes’ only 2 months old…

God love give her time! She is still a baby…I have a two and half year old yorkie who didn’t go outside until she was at least 4 and half months…just be pacient with her..and don’t give up..they are very smart dogs and fiercly territorial..and very time a friend of ours came in the house and startled she bit see a video look on you tube..colinclarke1000

From what I’ve learned you should do either puppy pads or outside not both. It may take a while for her to go outside just take her out once every 2 hours and don’t let her be alone in the house unless she is in a crate or confined space. Just keep trying it doesn’t work like magic. Try taking her for a walk and see if she will go.

That’s common with small dogs. I mean imagine if you had to go into the cold night air and find an appropriate spot to do your business. Now imagine that times like seven because small dogs have less meat on their bones. Try getting those potty patch things like on TV. They’re easy to clean and aren’t as unsightly as those pee pads are. and when spring come around, she’ll be ready to go outside.

When you take her outside to potty don’t come in until she does. If you’re out there for fifteen minutes or more, so be it. When she does potty, praise her like crazy (if you’re not embarrassed then you’re not doing it right), and give her a treat.

that is common in small dog’s you should try puppy pads or get her a coat and booties .


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