Name the top 3 goaltender’s for the upcoming NHL season?

Give some reasons why you think that also….

Miika Kiprusoff – Calgary was among the best defensive teams in the league last year and their D hasn’t suffered any major losses (Leopold isn’t a major loss). A great goalie behind a great defense means a lot of wins and a lot of shutouts. Kiprusoff was 2nd in wins last year (1 behind Brodeur) and led the league in shutouts.

Tomas Vokoun – Nashville has gone to great lengths to improve their team. They have a great young defence that moves the puck real well and this should cut down on the shots that Vokoun sees. He had a great season last year before injury caught up with him, and I think he has another great year this year. A lot of wins and at least as many shutouts as last year.

Martin Brodeur – New Jersey’s defense will be as steady as always and once again, Brodeur should be near or at the top in wins and shutouts. Very steady…you can’t go wrong.

Honourable Mentions
Ryan Miller – Buffalo, very good goalie getting into the prime of his career. Will have to see how the Buffalo defence handles the loss of Jay McKee

Nikolai Khabibulin – Chicago, Excellent goalie but unfortunately aside from a short stint in Tampa has never played behind a good defence and we will never really know how good he is.

Dominek Hasek – Detroit, great goalie who’s had a great career, but his age may be catching up to him. Detroit has a great defense and this may help Hasek’s numbers

Martin Gerber – Ottawa, Ottawa’s defense put up great numbers last year and while the loss of Chara will hurt, replacing him with a pouck moving defenceman like Preissing should ease the pain. Gerber has never played in front of a defense as good as Ottawa’s so it’s possible that he could improve upon his numbers last year with Carolina. The downside is that Emery played well while Hasek was injured last year and any faltering by Gerber means that Emery could get some significant playing time, hurting Gerber’s numbers

The only ones that i will mention that everyone else will probaly mention is Kipper and broduer. But i would also like to mention a few others that may have good seasons, that are overshadowed by miller, ward, etc.
Firstly, i think that if Fluery finally adjusts to playing in the NHL will havea great season, but only if he adjusts.
Another will Be CUJO in phoenix, i think they got the right players in the off seaon to do well this season and cujo will benefit.though i am a flames fan through and through, i cant not mention Roloson, i think if the end of the season last year was any indication, then the oilers will do good, at least in the golatending aspect.Denis is another, i think he will to well in TB. The list goes on of overshadowed goaltenders, All to often we forget about some the other good goaltenders out there.

Henrik Lundqvist – their D has been upgraded with Ward and Hall. Plus Shanahan will add some Jam to the team.
Cam Ward – Cam got Conn Smythe and the Canes are still Champions.
Mikka Kiprusoff – Calgary has a very good team this year and Kipper will be right up there.

Kiprusoff- He got the Vezina last year and he’s playing behind a strong defence.
Brodeur- Probably would have gotten the Vezina if he had Stevens and Nidermayer, but great goalie anyways.
Luongo- Could be the next best goalie in the league, change from Florida to Vancouver should make him better.

Dwayne Roloson, Vesa Toskala, Henrik Lundquist.

a million) Sidney Crosby – 40 4 objectives eighty two assists 126 factors 2) Evgeni Malkin – 40 two objectives seventy six assists 118 factors 3) Alex Ovechkin – sixty two objectives 50 assists 112 factors 4) Pavel Datsyuk – 32 objectives sixty 4 assists ninety six factors 5) Ilya Kovalchuk – fifty two objectives 40 assists ninety two factors

1. Kiprusoff
2. Miller
3. Lundquist

Nicky Bumstation, Roy Peterbuilt, and Rufus Whambang. These guys are still in prison for trying to steal a soomthy machine at a
7-Eleven in Bean Bag Texas, but look out when they are released. They are the best goaltenders in Shwangbash county.

Kiprusoff, Brodeur&Vokoun.

brodeur- he’s good ole martin, he cant play bad, and hes on the devils

denis- he finally got off of the terrible defensive team, the blue jackets, and went to the lightning

thomas- the bruins goalie. he played great last year, and this year, the bruins are a new and improved team.

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