Poll:- Ever been to a Funeral?


Yes! Sadly, it was MY SON’S funeral! He died in 2003 at a mere AGE TWO! I wish I didn’t have to answer this question in the affirmative, as this is SO PAINFUL, as far as the memories! ( I don’t cry hardly at all amy more, but the PAIN is there nontheless! HOW I MISS HIM!!!) He got sick and died WITHIN FIVE DAYS! Nothing out of the ordinary, just a cold or flu that turned into “diabetic ketoacidosis”. He went braindead, and our lives have NEVER been the same! He would have been 7 on the 15th of this month!

Since then, his mother divorced me, has remarried to a guy TWICE her age (yes, it was for $$$!), and I am now in a court battle about visitation! Since his death, she has totally LOST IT! The whole situation is SO SAD! But I pray every day for our other 6 kids that God will have mercy on them, and somehow work things out to SALVAGE what’s left of our family! My consolation concerning Jonathan’s untimely and very TRAGIC death is that I KNOW HE’S IN HEAVEN,
“SAFE IN THE ARMS OF JESUS”, and that I’ll one day see him again! PLUS, he’s not HERE to witness all the CRAZINESS on his mom’s part that his brothers & sisters are being subjected to! SAD! SO SAD!

One last thing I would say: Funerals are designed to HOPEFULLY make people who NORMALLY WOULDN’T think about ETERNAL issues, which is what TRULY matters! This life is SO SHORT AND UNCERTAIN, and the Bible says in Ecclesiates chapter 7 that it is “better to go to the house of mourning than the house of feasting”, and that “by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better.” In other words, when people are in a “partying happy mood”, they RARELY, IF AT ALL, considered the fact that one day they shall DIE and then FACE ETERNITY, which is EITHER HEAVEN OR HELL!

It is when we are face to face with the REALITY OF DEATH that all of a sudden we are reminded in the MOST STARK WAY that this life is SO TEMPORAL! We will NOT “live for ever”, there is no “immortality” here on EARTH! And yet, the average person just goes on their merry way with “business as usual”, never stopping to consider that TODAY MAY BE MY LAST DAY ON EARTH! I wonder how many of those 3,000 people who died in the Twin Towers in 9-11 woke up that morning with THAT THOUGHT foremost in their minds? Very few, most likely!

It is my prayer that whoever reads this will think about 2 things:
1) Children are SO PRECIOUS! Take GOOD CARE of them, TREASURE them, because you JUST DON’T KNOW how long they’ll be here! Love them and lead them to Christ!
2) YOU will not remain on earth for ever! One day you WILL DIE, and when you do, DO YOU KNOW where you will be (Heaven or Hell)? That will be determined by ONE thing: WHO you are trusting in- either YOU, or JESUS CHRIST!



Yes 10 last year

Yep. Eastern Orthodox

i have been to at least over 10 funerals. Its kind of hard if you know the decease will. I cried and cried when my mother passaway 3 years ago. Its still affect me to this day because i got no dad, he pass away when i was a toddler.

Yes, and sadly many more then I would like to remember …… I am the youngest born on both my mom’s and dad’s sides of the family so I have been to many funerals throughout my lifetime ……. and sadly I have lost many friends too …… = )

Unfortunately, yes

Yes 3. My Mom’s, Grandma, & Best Friend


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