REPUBLICANS: Romney or Paul?

No matter what the liberal media wants you to believe, It’s already a two-man race. Of the 2,286 total Republican delegates, 1,144 are needed to win nomination. In five (5) States: Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois, Gingrich and Santorum are not even on the ballot.

That’s 564 delegates…

While Ron Paul is not your traditional politician, and is painted by the media as extreme, the voters are starting to realize that it is the traditional status quo politicians that led us right into this economic Armageddon. Those “traditional” views about everything – debt, taxes, spending, entitlements, Social Security, bailouts for billionaire bankers, the Fed, wars – led to the insolvency and bankruptcy of this great country. Perhaps it’s time to think “out of the box.”

Even more damning, these same traditional beliefs have led to an unprecedented economic disaster facing Europe at this moment. Europe’s survival is in doubt because of too many government employees, big pensions, too much debt, spending, entitlements, taxes, free healthcare, powerful unions, and the “green energy” fraud. America has followed this same tragic path under both Republican and Democrat Presidents. Ron Paul has been warning us for many years.

Ron Paul predicted the Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie Mae, and Freddy Mac would destroy the housing market. He predicted reckless government spending would lead to an unemployment crisis. He predicted the high cost of college, driven by student loans, would enslave college graduates. He railed about “crony capitalism.” He voted against the unconstitutional bailouts to banks and Wall Street. He predicted the Fed’s irresponsible printing of fake dollars would burden our children with trillions in debt. He was right. Americans are starting to notice.

RON PAUL, 2012!!

this is an interesting exercise in what if.

The Republicans have already decided to run Romney, the primaries are just a front to make the masses think they have any say or input into who gets the nomination. (if this boils down to a contest between Gingrich & Romney then it’s no contest because the Repubs WILL NOT run Gingrich on their ticket for POTUS)

I would love to see Ron Paul win the nomination & slap that smug expression right off of Romney’s face but that’s not going to happen.

A lot of numbers and they do make sense……..BUT….

You’ve ( unintentionally I’m sure ) left out one lil’ item. For argument sake only, looking at the >>national perspective<<, not the GOP caucuses – Paul makes the primaries against Obama – Obama will win a 2nd term.

Paul has made it crystal clear – as president he’ll immediately submit a budget to congress cutting $1 trillion out of the budget. No entity, no division of the U.S. government or recipient of what ever service would be impacted would accept that kind of immediate cut. And all those people have Con & dem house reps and senators. Therefor listening to what would be a massive national outcry, congress responding from their constituents would never vote on it.

From that reality, just like legalizing drugs as Paul says, he can’t do squat without congress approval.

===> This is the core reasoning why Paul could never and won’t win the GOP. Rational minds prevail. You may like him, you may support him….but to actually think your vote for him takes priority over the majority of the country by all national polling is ridiculous. There is reason why only 9-12% support Paul. That’s not the question you should be asking. Your question should only be why 85+% aren’t. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul

I respect Dr. Ron Paul’s integrity, but Washington styled politics is no fan of such virtues.
The media and other beneficiaries of the Status Quo are taking care to see that exposure for Ron Paul remains minimal.
Standards have to be lowered in order to be excited at the prospect of a Romney-Gingrich race.

Embracing Dr. Ron Paul’s ideas is the only way to solve our run away debt cut the over blown government
down to size and eliminate the lobbyist that make our political process a laughing stock.

Romney couldn’t make a band-aid on Dr. Ron’s butt


this is the order of my support.

Ron Paul ‘Nuff said

RON PAUL 2012!!!!

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