SERIOUS POLL: has your Mom/Dad ever stalked you?

=) Curious

Yuppp ! When I went out on my first date with a guy I liked , my parents followed his car as if I wouldnt notice -_-

No, i’ve got no longer quite. It feels too creepy. yet i think there have been some circumstances the place I did bypass and look at a undeniable guy’s profile some circumstances because of the fact i replaced into hung up on him whilst we dated… i latterly did that to his previous myspace whilst i replaced into depressed… His existence makes me chuffed… he’s so fantastically… Why did no longer he like me. *tear* have not seen him quite, considering. each and every each and every now and then I in simple terms style of omit that guy.

YESS I was going out with my friends and then we looked in the miror and we seen my mom behind us and she was following us for like 3 miles so we acted like we didnt even notice that she was following us….Then we started to drive fast and cut in front of people to see if she was really following us and then she speed up and followed us…I thought that it was funny that she thought we didnt see us…So she kept following us so we finally stop the car and then I got out and was like wtf mom why are you following us then she was like I wanted to make sure you got to the party safely and you forgot you sandwhich..I was soooo mad at her and she can be verrry annoying sometimes…but ya know gotta love her!!!! 🙂

yes And I Freaking Hate It…..

no, but I know people who’s parents have, to check if they smoke, etc

All day, every day


Yes ~ thanks and star.

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