Things to do, hidden gems in Chicago?

If your near wriggley field. Get on the red line north (towords Howard) and get off at Arglye. There is a tiny Vietnamese/hong kong neighborhood there. I swear it is the best place in the city for food, its a must do and off the beaten path at that! I also heavily recommend if your in that area check out the uptown music scene

There are so many things to see and do, that you need to winnow down your question to some types of stuff you’d like to see or experience. i.e., sports, scenery, culture, music, etc.

I am travelling to Chicago in October to take part in the Chicago Marathon (wish me luck).

I will be travelling alone and never been before. I will be staying near Wrigley Field.

Anyone know of any places to visit, things to do, hidden gems

I do love my food also, any recommendations

Thanks in advance

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