Touch pad on laptop not working after using drawing tablet?

So i have been using my wacom drawing tablet alot mostly using the mouse that came with it. and i noticed that now the touch pad built into the computers not working even when i unplug the tablet.
i tried looking online to figure it out and most website say to try holding down the fn button and trying the F5…

Hello, You could try shutting it down and when you start it up press F8 repeatedly until you get a screen with the option to boot to the Last Known Good Configuration. Try this first and see if it makes a difference. A second way to get there.

Start Menu->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore. Choose the most recent date before the encountered problem. If it doesn’t work, try the next date.

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To get a good accurate answer give the brand, model number, installed operating system of the laptop when asking a question as all PC’s are not the same. Hey, I enjoyed your question, I am a retired computer technician. I hope I have helped you…

CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

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