What can you do if you ask your man to leave you alone but he won’t?

A friend of mine had her husband cheat on her with a co-worker. After she found out she told him that she didn’t want to be with him anymore but he won’t move out. They have childen together which is why I think he won’t leave but could there be anther reason why he won’t leave her alone?

maybe she needs to think about this some more, yes he is probably a cheating bast**d but if you have kids together she might want to consider some counceling or something first since the kids are the ones who will be hurt in all this

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I had the same situation with my ex. you cant make them move out if she is serious about a div. she needs to see a lawyer then either he will have to move or both and sale the house or what ever the judge decides

He is the one should consider kids while he slept with other woman. Don’t move out. It is your house, your children’s house. Kick him out. Call 911. The police will come and ask him to leave if they think his present upset you then upsets the children. Children are innovcent, they should be away from any harm. Good luck.

Take everything he had and mow over it with the lawn mower. He will move out then.

She should move if he won’t, you can’t just kick someone out, you have to do a legal eviction!

you friend need to file for a divorce to show her husband she is serious


Why doesn’t she move, then?

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