What is an event in your life you will never forget?

One small thing-
On the day we were going on our hs graduation trip to six flags, we were sittin on some buses. The bus i was in i didnt have any friends in so i was feelin lonely sittin by myself nex to a girl i didnt know. There was a group of obnoxious guys in the back of the bus talkin shiit. When they called…

I’ll never forget the first time I fell in love and the horrible, horrible empty feeling I had when I had to leave and go back to San Diego for my final year of high school.

I said something so incredibly ingrateful to my mom. I still hate that I said it and that I could have been such a jerk.

How nervous I was the first time I paid for sex…… in Tijuana!!! It was over so darn fast I was embarrassed to go back and see my friend that I went there with

I’ll never forget dating Maria in about 1988 and how her face would light up when I visited and how much her son loved me, and I loved him.

The panic attack I had getting high at a friend’s house and going outside and running and how his friend’s dog stayed with me every step of the way until I got back in the house.

Some guy driving the wrong way on the freeway – and some guy walking along the side of the freeway turning and taking a swing at my car.

I had a date with a lady last weekend and right now I can’t forget how amazingly gorgeous she looked when I walked through the door and how sweet she was to me all that first date. We shall see where that goes!!!!

Small – when I fell at the racetrack and dislocated my kneecap, a driver came up and told me I was the toughest chick he knew for putting my kneecap back in place myself. Total confidence booster while in pain.
Embarrassing – missing a note while singing the national anthem in front of 2000+ ppl.
Amazing – being at the peak of the mountain on my first day snowboarding
Beautiful – Meeting the love of my life when he moved me out of my apartment, in the rain, and it just took one moment of locking eyes and we knew we were together for life… and we are.

The day my son was born, it was a cool fall day and I just remember my wife saying she was going with the name that I chose because it suited him.
The day I came home from Iraq, when I stepped off the plane at March AFB the first thing I noticed was the smell, it had just rained so it had that earthy smell along with fresh cut grass.
In every breath,life

I was high as hell, listening to jazz and driving down 8 mile. A pregnant woman covered in blood jumped out in front of my car, so I had to come to a screeching halt. Her boyfriend had beat the **** out of her and she was trying to get away from him. I went from totally blew out to totally straight in about three heart beats.

The moment when my elementary school principal announced that I was top in school was the final years examination. I was just really happy, and relieved that I could even score well.

My wife dying next to me in a car accident and me walking away with minor cuts and bruises. She was my soul mate.

when i fell in love with a French boy – then he died on his way back to France.. 🙁 he was in a car crash on the way to the airport. D’:
and now, im in love with an Italian boy.

The murder of my highschool sweetheart. He died in my arms.. that was 11 years ago, still not over it, probably never will be

Cheers =)

The day my daughter was born and how I was overwhelmed with love when they put her into my arms.

Finishing high school

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