What is the name for those two story apartments that have a living room on one floor with a bedroom on the top?

I always thought they were called lofts, but I can’t find anything confirming it. My step-dad said that’s a townhouse. Any ideas?

I would go with townhouse or row house. A loft would be a partial floor that is open so you could see down to the lower level with 2 story ceiling (think of a hay loft in a barn), although, it would have some sort of barrier part way up, so you do not fall off of it.

A townhouse is when there’s an actual two-story apartment.

A loft is when the second floor isn’t really a complete floor, but kind of sticks out over the first floor. You can stand in the loft and look below to the entire first floor.

A loft looks out to the first floor. A townhouse, OTOH, has entry doors to the bedroom(s) upstairs and a hallway, whereas a loft is open space without doors or hallway.

Two Floor Apartment Called

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Condo or Townhome

Maisonette? I think that it what its called. Hope that helps!

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