Where & when was Obama Baptised Christian Please?

Better late than never to ask these questions, but it came up at dinner & everyone said it was a mystery. One guest chimed in that all of his roomies while @ school were Muslim & he went to Egypt with a few Muslim chums as well which concerns me greatly. Did he go to a Muslim school ever? & now that he says he’s…

Rev Wright brought him to Christ in Chicago in late 80’s. This is not a slam but is true. Wright was his spiritual mentor

Wow, i thought everybody understood the point the link Obama has to muslim was that his dad is African and that’s a religion over there. But did you not know his dad abandoned him when he was little and his mom and grandma raised him. I really don’t know when and where he was baptized, and i’m sure he didn’t have a choice since most people are baptized as children. But it is a good question so why don’t you go this his web site and ask away. Why does it “concern” you so much that he had Muslim friends or that he went to Egypt, you seem kinda Muslim Phobic.

From: www.topix.com/content/kri/2008/01/obama-…

“For starters, Obama is not Muslim. He’s a professed Christian. Has been for at least 20 years. He was baptized at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.”


Why are we SO hung up on religion in this country????

We all want the best person to be the president. Right?

Religious persuasion should have nothing to do with this. When Kennedy was running for prez, every body thought the Pope was going to actually tell him what to do, just because he was a Catholic.

“Separation of church and state” does not only refer to the government, but also those who elect anyone to a government position.

Geez, give it a break, you guys!

Does baptism matter?. Or does religion matter at all?.

Adolf Hitler was baptized as a Christian.

Josef Stalin was baptized as a Christian. As a teen-ager he studied at an Orthodox Christian Seminary school.

Would that make you scared of Christians?.

That was my question as well. It brought me to this site after a Bing search.

The snarky answers by the liberal progressive perverts bring no light to the subject.

Obviously, Obama was not Baptized as an infant or child. His mother was an atheist and his father was a non-observant Muslim.

If he was Baptized, it would have been at Rev. Wright’s carnival of racism medicine show.

Does that count? I would say yes, if it was sincere.

The fact is, nobody knows but those who would have witnessed it. And they ain’t talkin’

Personally, I would go with the “Obama’s an agnostic” answer. It fits better than anything else.

very good question. he was a muslim. he was raised muslim. he was educated muslim. he became christian, not from a change of heart and mind but from a need for votes. his name is muslim, given to muslim not to outsiders.

now, this maybe a shock to you, but many people who claim to be christian were not baptised.

I think he went to Pakistan, not Egypt.

And the whole “Obama is a Muslim” rumour has been disproven repeatedly. This isn’t 2007 anymore.

does president obama attend the presidential church or is just for guests to the capital..

That’s a good question, so is the one about his birth certificate.

You’re not digging this one up again are you?

In fact McCain was never baptised – why not go after him.

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