Which sport is more interest to watch?

Just Wonder what is your interesting to watch sport.

Me? I’m Interest to watch College football than National Football League lol.

PS: Do you really laugh after you type LOL? I don’t laugh just type lol that all.

power lifting- has the biggest dudes

College Football


I love watching basketball!! Soccer is much more popular in my country, but our basketball teams’ quality is much better, so I prefer watching games of the latter!

The truth is that I don’t actually laugh out lound when I type “lol”!! I sometimes smile though:)

College ball is kewl but I prefer MMA or WWE.
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Usually just a smile from me after a LOL!
Now a ROTFLMAO! definatly gets a giggle…

I like watching basketball because it’s interesting and have lots of quick actions.

If your college team is doing really good then college. If not – NFL BABY

Stadium or cross-country jumping (equestrian).

basketball and soccer

Idk don’t really watch TV

No i don’t laff after writing lol lol


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