Who do you think has more fun in high school: band geeks or jocks?

I’m going into high school next year and I’m a band dork (proudly :D) and my mom keeps going on about the band kids having the most fun in high school and I was wondering what people from the century think.

If high-school popularity is what you consider fun, then Jocks have a blast. Band geeks, not so much.

But I would say that emotionally, being a band geek is funner. If that’s a word.

The most general Boy: John Cena Most wellknown lady: Trish Stratus type Clown: Chris Jericho The Outcast: Kane “delicate” Laid back: Heath Slater The Jock: The Rock The Bully: Bubba Ray Dudley The Geek: Sheamus The Goth: Kevin Thorn Band Geek: Matt Striker The Gangster: Shad The Hippie: Brother Love

Probably the band geeks. Jocks seem to make everything a competition, doesn’t seem that fun to me.

I had a lot of fun in high school and I was a geek

The stereotypical jock and geek doesn’t really exist. At least not in my high school.

Band Geeks, they usually arent a bad crowd and they are really epic people 😀

High school doesn’t matter. Nothing about it matters at all.

Get good grades, have a variety of friends, be sociable. That’s it.

College matters. Get into a fraternity or sorority and you’re set.

just throwing it out there – some of the band geeks can get freaky, it’s a little surprising……..

Lonerism all the way bro.

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