Why did Republicans raise the debt 7 times under George W Bush but won’t under Obama?

Yeah… Why not?
I think most liberals are folding their arms across their chests, poking those collective bottom lips out and asking the same thing.

So let me ask you this my friend. Are you saying Obama should do the same thing George Bush did?
Now correct me if I’m wrong partner but I thought you liberals said George Bush was responsible for all the bad things in the world. I thought everything was George Bush’s fault?

Now you are asking why Obama can’t do the same thing George Bush did.
Is that what you’re asking?
Zup with that noise??????

“additionally below Bush, the financial device did no longer bypass undesirable until the democrats have been the final public in the living house in 2006.” fairly, cuz I bear in mind status on the floor of the inventory substitute gazing it die beginning in the summertime of ’01. Bush did no longer a rattling component yet minimize taxes until the 1st bailout. Our best difficulty with unemployment and job creation is the actual undeniable fact that we’ve not got the super base of marketplace in our united states of america anymore. That left in the wake of Reagan’s deregulation, stable call on that one Ron.

Under Bush, the debt to GDP ratio wasn’t as high as it is now. Right now, for the 1st time in US History we will be downgraded by rating financial agencies (as well we should be)…it’s going to happen regardless of this “drama” in Washington.
Washington spends too much. That’s the problem. Socialist governments all over the globe are facing bankruptcy unless the spending by governments are stopped.
Government always spouts high falutin’ rhetoric on the “people” but governments are far more interested in supporting themselves then they are the people they represent.

Because the Republican party wants to plunge the world’s economy into economic decline and cause suffering and hardship in other nations. It is all to do with their chances of being elected when it comes time to vote. This way they don’t care who suffers, as long as they are making the Democrats lives difficult.
Long term, this could backfire on them. The world will see them as the party that caused economic chaos and sent the world into a economic decline.

They will not stop destroying Obama and getting a Republican President even if it means taking down the Country.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

Republicans are currently trying to do things differently, We are tired of doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. We need to fix things before we raise it again

@Equalist….Saying the Tax Cuts caused our problems is an oversimplification, people just automatically assume that since the Economy crashed and Tax Cuts took place when it was fine, then that must mean that Tax Cuts are part of the problem, When in reality there is absolutely no proof(or even evidence) that the Tax Cuts caused any harm whatsoever to the economy.

Black Democrat outrages them. It is about hating Obama more than anything.

Daniel: Then why is the Republican answer to everything “tax cuts”, when “tax cuts” under Bush did not create a booming economy? The economy failed under Bush.

That was prior to the 7 Trillion debt that Obama has laid on America

Because obama has raised the debt 3 trillion dollars, more than anybody ever has

You must have seen the debacle in the House and now the debacle in the senate with a silly republican filibuster.

Completely nuts !!

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