Why do I cry so easily?

I used to NEVER cry , now the slightest thing someone says to me causes tears. It’s so weird and annoying ! I have become like so sensible , is it normal ? What causes this ? Plus everything stresses me , up to the point where I have huge cramps. I’m 13 if it matters, I don’t want to be so sensible. &…

I used to have this all the time! I used to cry at videos in biology and stuff like that, my eyes still water a lot but I just grew out of it, focus on really happy things but it’s a neuronal thing that associates sadness with crying so there could be something wrong there?
Sorry hope that helps!:)

yeah im the main important cry infant interior the international and Im 32 years previous. LOL regrettably it earnes me the nickname of Chiona (spanish for crybaby) and to not point out im the butt of surely everyone’s jokes. the factor that truly ticks me off approximately it rather is that it rather is my physique and that is a few thing that i won’t administration. If a individual does not like it, they don’t could look, rather than say issues like oh close up or why u gotta cry. i don’t do it on purpose, and im not out for anybody’s pity as quickly as I cry. And please………do not shop discussing what im crying approximately with me by fact that is in all threat not something and u will merely make me cry greater. phew….. sorry. felt stable to vent a touch approximately this one. LMAO!!!!

Hormones, hormones, hormones! Welcome to being a teenager. You’ll have the pleasure of these rollercoaster emotions for several years.

hormones, its normal, i was the same

awwww, your hormones are kicking in… welcome to puberty!

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