Why does Heterosexual Marriage have to be defended against Gay Marriage?

What is the purpose of a DEFENSE Of Marriage Act (DOMA) law to define marriage as being only between a man and a woman?

Gay Marriage does not prevent heterosexual couples from falling in love, getting married, or having children. It also does not require heterosexual couples to get divorced.

All natural and moral institutions have to be defended against the opposite.

I don’t know. In fact, I don’t know why heterosexuals are so offended or scared, or whatever, by the idea of gay marriage. Why does the government even have a say in such things?

DURING the church ceremony, the two men stand hand in hand before a renowned Episcopal bishop. They make a “covenant . . . before God and the church.” Clothed in ornate gold-and-white vestments, the bishop publicly blesses their union. Afterward the couple hug and kiss and are given a standing ovation. According to this bishop, such homosexual relationships “are holy and deserve to be blessed, . . . deserve to be called what they are: sacred.”

However, other religious leaders voice strong opposition to same-sex unions. “We are so disturbed by this [bishop’s] decision,” stated Cynthia Brust, spokesperson for the American Anglican Council, a group of conservative Episcopalians. “Same-sex blessings contradict the clear teaching on marriage and sexuality from the Bible,” she said, adding that “sexuality . . . is to be confined to a man and woman in holy matrimony.”

The fire storm of controversy over this issue is not restricted to religion. Internationally, heated political debates are raging, since the social, political, and economic implications involving pensions, joint health care, and taxes are great.

Issues involving civil rights and legal recognition are often very complicated and divide public opinion. True Christians are careful to maintain neutrality by avoiding political debates. (John 17:16)* Still, some who respect the Bible find themselves confused regarding the subject of same-sex marriage and homosexuality. How do you view same-sex marriage? What is God’s standard for marriage? What impact does your attitude have on your relationship with God?

Chickfila a IS anti-gay nonetheless. They donated thousands and thousands of greenbacks to no longer in user-friendly terms anti-gay marriage communities yet anti-gay communities often. As for for no longer helping gay marriage…confident and no. no longer inevitably Anti-gay, yet yeah a bigot in a manner. If i’m getting a marriage license i’m married in the eyes of the regulation, no longer your church, so there is not any reason to no longer help it. I shouldn’t could desire to spend 1000’s to 1000’s of greenbacks in criminal costs to guard my civil union in basic terms because of the fact a without delay individual does not like my marriage, yet then I could desire to maintain paying taxes to help the without delay mom on welfare. it somewhat is not any longer elementary in any respect and yeah, that’s somewhat bigoted to maintain me from a criminal marriage. in basic terms supply me the the superb option to get that very same criminal risk-free practices (technically there are one thousand+ greater rights in a marriage than civil union) for under one hundred money for a marriage license. i’m no longer great sour in my view and that i could in no way worry dropping my time attempting debate my component (in individual, lol) or call call, even though it somewhat is the actuality. If i choose for to get married sometime i does not choose for somebody else to dictate my existence and criminal equality in basic terms because of the fact it makes them uncomfortable.

The only thing heterosexuals are good at is breeding like rabbits and adding to the problems of the world.

Like many issues they use rhetoric that does not accurately describe the situation to gain emotional support

Hebrews 13:4
Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.

People are ***** so if they don’t like something aka gays then there go out of there way and try to make them unhappy.

Its an attempt to define an institution.

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