Will you join these groups and organizations to protest Irans dictator Ahmadinejad?

In New York City, the protest on the 25th, against Ahmadenijad, the dictator who has called for the annihilation of the State of Israel, Denied the holocaust numerously, these groups with be there:

911 Families
ACT for America
Alliance of Iranian Women
American Center for Law and Justice

I am with them in spirit

he did not call for the annihilation of Israel. That was an american media misquote. Iran has not threatened or invaded any country, unlike some we could mention. Relax.

Hell no! the guy is quite remarkable. The West is quite jealous that there is somebody extra suitable than their stooge Shah who can advance Iran’s financial device and make a rich u . s . a .. we are extra useful than ever, we’ve extra freedom than ever, even the girls human beings have extra beneficial independence than in the situations of Shah. We Iranians are no longer traitors who’ve fled the great Islamic Revolution like cowards. We Iranian additionally help unitedly against Zionist conspirators who prefer to a minimum of sooner or later occupy our own land. we don’t help the murderers and fibsters who kill Palestinians. EDIT- So i do no longer likely have the liberty to ask question if Iran is extra suitable place than in Shah’s time merely with the aid of fact i’m an Iranian citizen? so which you’re enjoying a dictator, merely like the Shah’s time. Did you ever stay in Iran? have you ever general what it appears like being a factor of a huge progressing u . s . a .? you’re foolishly swallowing the media and the traitor’s propaganda against Iran. In Iran we don’t tension under the impression of alcohol in the line and kill hundreds like in usa. The heroin habit is a huge lie and the only place from which heroin are available our u . s . a . is from Afghanistan, supposedly “secure” under the yank occupation.In Iran we don’t a minimum of rape women human beings as quickly as in each and every seven minutes like in usa. We punish the rapists critically out of our appreciate for women human beings, while in usa ninety 5% of the rapist comes out of the detention center to rape women human beings back. We would have extra destructive human beings in Iran now than in usa, regardless of the shown fact that that’s lots extra suitable than th situations of Shah. a minimum of our destructive human beings do no longer exchange into thieves like your wealthy American human beings (please study the information of Madoff). And Hamas had gained the election, yet yet even the individuals do no longer appreciate democracy of the Palestinians. remember, the individuals have knowledgeable ISI in Pakistan who brazenly dedicate attrocities like the Mumbai carnage, yet usa shamelessly harps its help for the ISI. individuals created al-Qaeda in the time of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, so circuitously they are to blame for 9/11. individuals offered Saddam Hussein with chemical weaponry, and he used it on Iran. so which you’re actual pointing that we are going to no longer act the hero by skill of assisting the Palestinian with Hezbollah and Hamas? Buzz off and study your American historic past please!

Absolutley not, I support Ahmadinejad. And detest Zionist organizations that are destroying America.

How could i support a protesting blood suckers?

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