Would You Rather Burn To Death, Buried Alive, Or Drown To Death?

All of these seem so horrible to me and i don’t know which one i’d choose but if you had to choose what would you pick?

I’d rather drown I think. If you were drowning it’d be pretty hectic trying to get above the water and swimming around, you don’t concentrate on “I need air.” More of “Get above the water.” If I drowned and died it’d be a surprise when it was actually happening because I’d probably be tossed and turned in waves or something and then realize I have no air. Well, that’s how it happens in the books anyway! If you get burned you’re slowly getting burned and you feel the pain all the way til you die, slowly and painfully. At least if you drown it’s fast and exciting (in a bad way.) If I was buried alive I’d PANIC. Trapped underground when you know you’re slowly going to run out of air, suffocate, and die. It’s so slow and you know it’s going to happen. So because drowning is the fastest I guess I’d rather drown!

Drown to Death


TALK ABOUT DOWNERS!!!! ok, I’d pick drown. Basically drowning is the same as being buried alive – lack of oxygen. Burn to death is wayyyy to painful (unless you faint). NOW GO OUT AND ENJOY LIFE – I WILL NOW…:)

Drown to death

Buried Alive I think. I would never want to drown or burn. That’s terrifying!!


drowning is the best choice. coz as soon as water fills your lungs, you stop breathing almost instantly. so there is not even a chance of pain there, you’re dead in an instant. the other two will cause PAIN. burying alive causes heavy suffocation, and burning is absoulte terrifying, so yes, drowning.

I believe in your words and thoughts have a great deal of power just as the bible says so personally I wouldn’t even want to consider any of the possilblities.

But drowning is suppose to be the least horrid of the three.

Definitely none of the above, but if I had to choose it would be drowning. It’s the fastest of the 3.

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