Your thoughts on the Nets-Nuggets game tonight, and tomorrow’s game vs. the Magic?

First of all, what did you think about tonight’s blowout vs. the Nuggets? The Nets beat the Nuggets by 44 points, the final score was 114-70.

Second off, do you think the Nets will be able to pull out a win tomorrow in Orlando vs. the Magic? They’ve been playing great basketball so far, and are on a…

here was my pregame thoughts:
too bad…Billup’s is playing. Devin Harris could have taken advantage if he was gone.

But anyway’s going back home, witha 3 game winning streak is great for a young team who needs some wins to have their confidence back.

The Nuggets are the 3rd best team in the West behind the Spurs and Lakers, and they have a great team. They don’t do well against teams with good records, but they’ve only lost to one sub .500 team this season.

Their frontline is very strong and it’ll be tough to outrebound these guys. Nene has had a very good season, and is a good candidate for MIP, Kleiza always kills us with his 3s, and the Birdman is a pretty good defender.

Carmelo will be tough to guard for Hassell, but let’s see what he can do.

Hopefully Harris’s speed can beat Billup’s court vision, and that Vince Carter can take care of Anthony Carter and J.R smith.

If we just continue our suprisingly good defense, keep them away from the paint, control the rebounds, and guard the perimeter, we can have a good chance of winning this game.

If we win this game it’ll be great, and we’ll be riding this great winning momentum and we havea good chance of going at least 2-3 in our next 5.

Let’s go Nets!

and here was my recap thoughts:

If you say Vince Carter wasn’t effective tonight, than you don’t understand Vince’s court vision.

He may not have scored much, but 8 assists! He was hurt early in teh 1st when someone bumped into his arm hard. He played amazing though, he saw through defenders, never forced anything, and was a playmaker and a team player.

Devin Harris again set the tone early, he was attacking, made smart decisions and absolutely dominated the game. Chanucy who?

Everybody contributed, I mean Dooling is just crazy from the 3 point line, Anderson had a his first career double double, Brook Lopez is perfect with the pick and roll, Josh Boone even being a factor!

Trenton Hassell is a difference maker. Look at Carmelo! I applaud this guy, and amazed by him every day. Think he can gurad Dwight Howard? lol

Do people even realize that we beat the 3rd seeded team in the West by 44 points??? 44!!!!!!!!!!! that’s amazing!!!!!

It’ll be tough for us to win tomorrow, but if we play like we did today, than who knows what could happen!!

This is great start for our 5 game stretch!!! Amazing!!!!

Carter could have had 20 points if he wanted, but come on when you were up by like 30 and going, would you risk injuring your best player?

It was amazing. Man what amazing defense and work by the Nets!

what a day!

Yes the Nets did play good basketball and the Nuggets were down but the Nets gettin a win over the Magic would be really tough and you cant compare a rookie with Howard a top 5 MVP candidate…

first I was amazed by the nets defence I know they can score but their defence againts the nuggets are great they were closing out shooters and hustling.

with the 44 point win, they could carry this momentum vs the magic, jameer nelson is out so harris should fire up in the game. Howard is a hard match up by the nets though.

nets are really playing well now, they want that 6th-7th seed, I see another victory from them.

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