As a Christian, Do you think being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgendered is wrong?

I’m a Christian and I certainly do. I just want to know what others think about this topic.
This just popped into my head from the recent Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Pride month.

Yes – of course it is wrong from a Christian viewpoint.

Surely you knew that already.

Gay = male attracted to males
Lesbian = females attracted to females


I am Christian and my girlfriend is Catholic. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender even straight isn’t wrong no matter the religious standpoint. We are all born the way we are. God created us this way. He will always love you no matter what. That is what is taught in the Bible, as well as not to judge others. Being judgemental is against the bible as is saying that God doesn’t love us or we’ll go to hell. So for all the Christians who say were going against the Bible for our sins, why not look at yours and see who’s worse… being who God made you to be or judging those who it is your position to judge?

Since around 10% of the population fall into this category, I guess nothing is. If you were to ask this question in the religious section, then you would get far more negative answers, all spouting off passages from the religious books. Unfortunately most will only choose to spout of the ones they “agree” with. There are lots of homophobic people out there. If you see any websites promoting anti-gay messages, then I suggest that you report them to their hosts as inciting hatred is against many laws of various countries. You can find out this information by searching the “whois” database.

There are some Christian churches who accept gay, bi, lesbians and transgenders just like how some straight people accept them.

Well I’m Catholic and I can care less if your gay, Lesbian, Bi, or Trans. I’ve had sex with guys who are Christian so Pfffft!


Gay = Guy + Guy

Lesbian = Woman + Woman

They are both into the same sex…

You have a very good question that is definitely worth trying to answer. First of all, gay and lesbian are the same thing, only having a sexual and romantic relationship with the same sex, but the term gay is used for men, often called homosexuals, and lesbian is for women. Thats all the difference.

first of all, like one of the insightful responders had said, it is not up to us to judge anyone, homosexuals, murderers, theives, liars, etc. That is only for God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. I know we do it all the time, but that is a real sin, more so than being gay (which I don’t think is a sin). Second, how can it be wrong to love someone especially if you have no choice as to who you are and what sexual orientation you happen to have? We are human beings that need to be loved and express love to others. If we don’t we will die as a species.

Third, much of what was written in the bible, especially the Old Testament, was written by man to impose rules that were necessary for survival of the “tribe”. for example, not eating pork was a rule made thousands of years ago because at the time, it was very unsanitary. I suppose that outlawing homosexuality was instilled because leaders didn’t want people to stop having babies. By the way, we are not endangered in that regards, there are way too many straight people and homosexuals, having babies, yes homosexuals too (artificial insemination).

And lastly, we have to really understand what a sin is. In the early church, sin was defined, and is still today in traditional Christianity, as a state in which you are no longer communing with God. That state is called sin. St. Paul mentions that we must all learn how to “pray without ceasing”. He wasn’t saying that figuratively, he meant it literally, because if we are not, then we are cut off from God. That is sin. Now certain actions can cause us to sin (being cut off from God) because we are ridden with guilt because of those actions.

Take for example adultry. If I cheat on my wife, I will feel very guilty. then all of a sudden I am preoccupied with this act and I am trying to cover it up by lying, hiding my emotions toward my cheating and that takes me away from God. not that God is punishing me, its my inattentiveness to God that is causing that separation. It is only when I repent, confess my “sin”, and have remorse for my action that I start cleansing my “soul” and then I can return to my connectedness to God.

by the way, communing with God on a regular basis, which St. Paul asks all of us to do, is very difficult. so much that most Christians I know, never even bother trying except on rare circumstances. In fact, most Christians I have met, at church, rarely put much daily practice to their “faith” so I really question whether to even call them Christians. I don’t mean to be harsh, but since so many Christians are harsh against gays and bisexuals, why don’t they stop worrying about others and focus on how weak their own faith is. I can’t be a Christian if I just call myself one. I can only be a Christian if I practice it and “become” one. And if I were a true Christian, would I not have compassion for the “sinful” people of the world? I would say yes, but how many “Christians” do that, especially toward gays? (I am excluding some churches who openly welcome gays).

I know this will go in one ear and out the other, but it is my hope that someday people who call themselves Christians will start acting like real ones, and remember what Christ has said in Mathew, “don’t worry about the spec in your brother’s eys when you have a plank in your own.” and He said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Best wishes to you. Be gentle, be kind and compassionate, that is the way of Love, which as Christ said, “is the highest commandment of them all”.”

and just to let you know, I am a bisexual male, married with two kids, I never cheat, I go to Church all the time and practice my faith regularly. I don’t feel condemned for what I did in the past or for the fact that I am bisexual by nature.

i am christian and i have learned through the Holy Spirit that mine is to discern, but judgment belongs to Jesus.

common sense has me <discern> that homosexuality is a state of being…it’s a fact. judgment of it <sin> is not mine to impose on any other. the bible teaches me that a sinner cannot sit in judgment of sin….that can only be done by the sinless <Jesus Christ>. so, even accepting the scriptural evidence of homosexuality as sin, it is not mine to judge.

personally, as a believer in the new covenant, i find it very difficult to discern any expression of love as sin. Christ, aside from being the Messiah, was a teacher. He taught us that love is the primary concern of God for His people. Christ taught us that if we accept no other God before Him and that we love others as He loves us we have “fulfilled the whole law.”

you also might want to read galatians 2:15-21. this might help you discern between what the law of moses says as apposed….yes, apposed…to what Jesus taught His disciples.

also in the gospel according to matthew 23:13-31, you can read the words of Jesus, Himself, chastising forcefully those who would hold the law up higher than they hold love.

christianity, as described <christ like> is not about law and judgment, it’s about love, compassion and truth. mainly….as Jesus repeats over and over again…it’s about love.

so, i ask myself….”what done in the name of love <God> can be sinful?

that’s just my discernment, judgment will be made by Jesus, in the right time.

much love and hope. pj

i’m bi sexual and christian the bible tells us that homosexuality is a sin but the good news is that Jesus died for the sins of the world and in that he purchased your freedom from spirtual death if you ask him to come into your life and be your savior. outside of that we all sin everyone of us and we all struggle with our choices but God has made a way for all of us through his son Jesus, you may not be accepted by society as a whole, or even your family and “friends” but you are accepted by God through his son Jesus, if you are willing to accept him as Lord and Savior

A person who is homosexual, bisexual, or transsexual is simply being the person that God made them to be. Research is showing that these conditions are all inborn and unchangeable.

People’s judgment of LGBT people is what is wrong.

im not a christian,im moslem actually (not terrotist). i dont wanna judge people for their sexualities or lifestyles but i suggest that if u r a straight,just keep being straight.and if u r a gay or bi then i wanna ask u a question (and for all homosexuals too)

what will u get beside temporary pleasure?nothing.

and if u a faithful christian,u must no that in bible and Al-quran said that god made male and female to breed and become mates,can u think if all people become homosexual and no straight at all?no babies!

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