Can anybody think of any reasons against gay marriage? I can’t think of any.?

I’m writing a paper for my English class on the legalization of gay marriage, and I can’t think of any reasons against it.

Yes, but the reason is complicated and difficult to understand. It boils down to this: if government decrees that gay marriage is legal, then what it will do is stop funding charitable religious institutions that insist on performing only opposite sex marriages. These charities cannot then both remain true to their religious beliefs and also engage in their charitable activities, which is a bad thing for the small segment of society that these charities help.

Ditto: Legalizing gay marriage would not have any effect on population. If gay marriage was legalized, there would be pretty much exactly the same number of gay people the day after legalization as the day before legalization. Legalization does not magically create gay people, lol.

So you are not religious right? I don’t mean to be mean but if you were – you would understand why GOD would not want that union – do I believe in gay marriage? I believe in gay union -and those folks should have ths same rights as married folks – insurance etc but in front of GOD? I’m not so sure he intended for that. I’m not all that religious (I believe in being a good person and that is ALOT more than I can say for some so called Catholics who are evil by nature and think by going to church they will be ‘) but I have been to many different churches/religions and I respect their belief and do not judge . . .should they be allowed to form a union? absolutely

how about the fact that marriage was designed to unify a man and a woman– plus the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah which very obviously states that homosexuality is not acceptable in the christian faith– which has nearly 2.2 billion believers who do not agree with gay marriage.

what will happen to the world if we keep allowing people to challenge the morality of society?

@ purple the question was for people to provide arguments against gay marriage for the paper that they are writing….i’m pretty sure thats what i did 🙂

@ DM : i’m not here to have religious arguments i know what i believe in and thats good enough for me.

I can’t think of a single one either. If you need to talk about some negative side of gay marriage, you could make the argument that same sex marriages and opposite sex marriages both face challenges. There is the risk of divorce(but i think the rate of divorce for same sex is lower)…er yeh that’s all i can think of lol. not much of anything!

Ask in Religion and Spirituality… they’ll give you volumes.

Marriage and Divorce people really don’t get worked up about it.

Although, I have trademarked Gay Divorce Court, the TV series.

“marriage was designed to unify a man and a woman”

little miss should read up on homosexual unions in ancient Greece and Rome. Marriage was designed to join two people together. The interpretation that it should be a man and a woman is relatively modern actually.


@little miss cant be wrong……so, then, as a Christian, you are still in favour of women being chattel or was that little tweak to the ‘rules’ okay for you?

The only reason I can think of that gays shouldn’t marry is maybe there is something better for ALL of us to consider.

Homosexual marriage are less stable than heterosexual marriages. Divorce rates for hetero marriage is about 55%, but for homosexual marriages it is about 85%.

If CHIDLREN are involved, the damage is horrendous! Divorce damages children no matter how or when. We don’t NEED any more reason for divorce.

Domestic abuse and physical violence ar BOTh more prevalent in homosexual marriages.

Because they would have to make a gay wedding cake lol, just kidding there isn’t any

If you want a society with “people” in it in the future then I said it should not be legalized because gays can’t produce (have babies) to create nor contribute to an ongoing society of people.

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