Can I feed my 9 month kittens adult cat food?

I am having a hard time finding kitten food where I live (not near a large supermarket) are they old enough for the adult stuff yet? The kitten food says they should get it until 1 but is this true?

we always have after 6 months…they say kittens wont get all thier nutrition then, its bull, what did people do years ago when there was only 1 kind of cat food, it will be fine, i actually just switched my kitten over to adult food too

My friend feeds har 8 month old kitten adult cat food as it refuses to eat kitten food and the cat is fine. Its eating, its healthy and its happy so I don’t think its a problem. Kitten food is full of nutrients that kittens need to grow but its not a rule that you have to feed them this. Cat food also contains the nutrients a cat needs so as long as the cat is eating cat food, I don’t think it matters if it is kitten food or not.

Your kittens are only 3 months away from being a year old. Giving them adult cat food should be fine.

They can eat adult food anytime. The kitten food (same as puppy food) has more nutrients to put weight on them and help bones grow. It is better for them but by nine month a cat is done growing just gonna get fat anyway.

They should be fine with adult food – I often feel that the various types of food are a marketing ploy by the manufacturers. Kittens managed perfectly well before all these different products became available. Give them treats like chicken (no bones) & occasional tuna as well. Variety is important.

as a child we always had kittens and they were fed on the usual cat food with no problems. kitten food has only been out for approx 20 yrs if your kitten is eating it then don’t worry. never did any of my kittens any harm.

you are supposed to wait till the kittens are at least 1 year old before you give them adult food

I have had many pets it will not hurt anything but it is best to keep them on kitten food for at least till they are 1 year cause they are still growing.

My kitten reacted badly with a skin allergy. I don’t know how much of this was because of her age or how much was because of ingredients in the food – it’s perhaps just something to consider if yours starts itching.

You can try the kitten on other cat food if does not make it sick leave it on it.

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