Can someone plz tell me a description of the main and minor characters from Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer? Please?

Description as in is Bella blonde or brunette? is Jacob blonde or…etc.

Bella- 18 years old. Brunette. Brown eyes, 5’4″, around 110 pounds, human

Edward Cullen- Broze hair, topaz eyes, Vampire, Physical age is 17

Alice Cullen – petite and pixie-like, 4’10”, graceful gait, short spiky black hair, Topaz eyes, Vampire

Jasper Hale/Cullen- Blode hair, Topaz eyes, Vampire, physical age is 20

Emmett Cullen- Short brown hair, Topaz eyes, musles, sense of humor, Vampire, physical age is 20

Rosalie Hale/Cullen – Blonde, Topaz eyes, Beautiful,physical age is 18, Vampire

Carlise Cullen- Blonde, Topaz eyes,father figure, physical age is 23, Vampire

Esme Cullen- 5’6″, caramel-colored hair, Topaz eyes, mother figure, Vampire, physical age is 26

Jacob Black- Quileute, Black long hair, over 6′, very Muslcular, 16 years old Werewolf, Rust colored fur

Billy Black- Quileute Elder tribal leader, Jacobs father, long black hair, In a wheelchair

Quil Ateara- Quileute, very muscular, werewolf, Choclate colored fur

Embry Call- Quileut, every muscular, werewolf, Gray colored fur with black spots on his back

Sam Uley- Quileute, pack alpha, Werewolf, 20 years old, black colored fur, imprinted on Emily Young

Paul- Quileute, Werewolf, one of the bigger wolves, dark gray fur

Charlie Swan- Curly hair, Police cheif, Bella’s father, human

Emily Young- enaged to Sam Uley, long black hair,copper skin, 3 scars going down the side of her face, human

Victoria- Nomadic vampire, Mate of the desited vampire James, Red ahir, Cat like facial features,

Laurent- Nomadic vampire (leaves in Twilight and joins the denali coven) dark-haired, olive-toned skin,

Aro- Part of the volturi, Black long hair, can see any thought you have had by physical touch, Vampire

Marcus- Part of the volturi, Black hair, Can sense relationships, Vampire

Caius- Pat of the volturi, White long hair, Vampire

Jane- Vampire, Volturi guard, Can bring on the illution of pain

Alec- Vampire, Volturi guard, able to cut off the senses of others

Demetri- Vampire, Volturi quard, Tracker

Felix- Vampire, Volturi guard

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