Did the Iraq war help make Iran as a regional power?

Absolutely so . ……Iraq and Iran fought for 8 long years which was encouraged by the USA……….But, after Saddam has been eliminated , Iran got a free opportunity to go ahead with nuke programme which was an age old dream of this fanatic Islamic State headed by a fanatic Islamic Leader who believes in terrorism and has been always anti west………..Similarly, Syria has got a stride forward knowing fully what the US and its allies are engaged in and that they were not in a position to go for opening any other militarily offensive front. The Islamic countries were never so close to each other as they are today………they have forgotten their traditional rivalry……. …..thanks are due to US foreign policy and military adventure in Iraq and Afghanistan simultaneously . Iraq for OIL….so also , Afghanistan for the same reason to have access to the Central Asian Oil Fields……..Installation of Democracy was or is not the goal. Had it been so , how come Pakistan became a friendly country under the Leadership of a General who is essentially a dictator with no Constitutional authority and he was the person responsible for allowing nuke technology to be trasferred to N. Korea and Iran. The chase to control Taliban is a far cry …..the capture of Benladen is beyond question………..crushing of al-qaeda and controlling Islamic Terrorism is no longer in the agenda ……..the Islamic terrorism is on the increase . The Islamic world is united on one issue ………..” ouster of US forces from the Arabian soil and elimination of threat of US militarism”. OIC is against US presence in Iraq and extortion of natural scarce resource of Iraq by the US is not eyed as a friendly and civilised gesture of the west. The USA is less safe today against the Islamic terrorism than what it was earlier. USA is the most hated nation in the world at this moment after it invaded Iraq on a manipulated and false pretext . All administrative heads of states those who had supported Mr. Bush have gone into oblivion politically…….
Mr. Bush is still there because the US Constitution allowed him to remain there to complete his term.

Iran always was a regional power. After 10 years of war with Iraq however, they were greatly depleted. The American occupation of Iraq has provided them with both the ‘moral high ground’ (their perception) and the opportunity to expand their sphere of influence. Till this, Shiite Muslims were a near-silent minority.

Yes, Iraq was the terrorist capital of the world, and has since been reduced to a mild threat, but now Iran is next in line, then North Korea, and Pakistan, and back to Afghanistan.

in the beginning it somewhat is a huge fish vs. small pond phenomia. The Muslim international isn’t precisely overun with populous powerhouse economies. they only lag Turkey in inhabitants and Turkey & Saudi in financial capability. yet don’t recover from excited, they have modest oil wealth and somewhat distinctive and moderising financial equipment yet nevertheless purely have inhabitants equivalent to and a GDP c.10% that of France or the united kingdom. under the Shah they even have been an up & comming united states of america; the Islamic revolution somewhat set financial progression decrease back many years. The military of the pre-progressive era have been a genuine community monster, subsidized and equiped by ability of the West as a southern bulwark against the U.S.. They get greater observe than the different community powers through noises they make. Their president is vulnerable to asserting the craziest element he can think of of and gazing the reaction, the state hires crowds to pass nuts every time the west mildly annoys a somewhat islamic personage etc etc….

iraq and iran were at war for 8 years, it was a stalemate. we took out iraq so yes iran is the main power now. but it looks like were planning to take them out too

No, Iran has always been a regional power.

Absolutely! Iran’s opposing Sunni government in Iraq has been dismantled and their brothers in faith, Shites, are in power in Iraq.

Sunnis comprise about 20% of Iraq (Saddam’s faith)
Shite’s comprise about 60% (Ahmadenajad’s faith)
Kurd’s and other comprise the rest

yeah, we removed their biggest threat and arch enemy, Saddam.

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