Do atheists even know write from wrong?

Every atheists i see wandering around claims they didn’t get their morals from God. Is that so? Then who did you get them from? You claim not to believe in ANY Gods, yet you say something so stupid. I’d have more respect for you underlings if you said you get them from a non-christian God. But you don’t…

To answer, let me quote from the book below:
“Consistent atheism must deny the very existence of morality and reduce all human behaviour, of whatever kind, to the machinations of selfish genes. Yet atheists continually lay claim to the moral high-ground not realizing that the moral landscape of atheism is as flat as a pancake. Thus Richard Dawkins claims that people can and should be taught to overcome their innate selfishness and behave altruistically. But this is impossible if morality is an illusion, as his world view logically implies… Let me tell you a true story.

A family were standing in the large kitchen of their home talking to friends while their 3 year old daughter pushed her doll’s pram to and fro with some vigour. In doing so, she ran the pram into her father’s leg, inflicting (as I remember) a degree of pain. The child’s older sister immediately issued a stern rebuke: ‘Alison, say sorry to daddy!’ The younger child continued her perambulations without response but we could see her mind was working overtime. ‘Say sorry to daddy!’ came the repeated command. No reply. A further interval elapsed and the older sister’s voice rang out again: ‘Say sorry!’ There was a prolonged pause and then the worried frown on the toddler’s face was suddenly replaced by a seraphic smile: ‘Me can’t talk,’ she said.
The adults dissolved in laughter but I have never forgotten the incident because its implications are really quite profound, illuminating the whole question of human morality. Clearly, Alison knew she had done ‘wrong’ in hurting her father. Her stubborn refusal to admit guilt is evidence enough of that. If she had no sense of right and wrong she would have experienced no moral dilemma.

We would, of course, explain the episode away. It wasn’t that the child had some innate moral awareness, we might say, but that her sense of guilt was a conditioned reflex. She recognized her sister’s tone of voice and knew from past experience that it meant trouble. No doubt, children do have conditioned reflexes, but the appropriate reflex in my story would have been one of two things – either a simple denial of responsibility (‘it wasn’t me, it was my doll’) or a quick apology (knowing that an apology defuses such situations). It was the devious guilt-reaction that revealed the toddler’s moral awareness – her silent inward struggle spoke volumes. She knew she was guilty and should apologize, but exercised considerable ingenuity to bypass conscience and evade moral responsibility. And you can’t evade what you don’t have.

Such behaviour is typically and uniquely human. We can only experience such problems if we have a genuine moral sense in the first place. If, at that moment, the family’s pet dog had walked into the kitchen leaving muddy paw-prints, it too might have been scolded. It might have cringed and put its tail between its legs, recognizing disapproval in its master’s voice. But this would be a genuine conditioned reflex, a response to an external signal. There would be no corresponding inner awareness of wrongdoing – otherwise, next time, it would have wiped its feet on the doormat.”

What atheists refuse to admit is that humanity is hard-wired with an inbuilt sense of right and wrong that is not the same as animals being made to feel bad, without understanding why. We were created in God’s image, with qualities such as conscience that animals don’t have. We are not animals. That’s why atheists do know right from wrong.

You claim to see atheists wandering around. Why are you wandering around, too if you think they are doing something foolish. Then you also wrote; “You claim not to believe in ANY Gods, yet you say something so stupid. I’d have more respect for you underlings if you said you get them from a non-christian God.” We say that we do not believe in any gods and we therefore do not obtain morals from any god, so how does your dumb arsh statement make any sense. Then you also claim that there are many gods besides your god, as you admitted that you believe in other gods that are not christian gods. You need to climb down from your tree and try to learn that if there was a god, which is not even possible, there would not be more than one. Now run along and learn that the Romans invented your Jesus the composite character, and hurry before you fall from your tree. If you can not understand that your bible is filled with lies, disclaimers, contradictions and comic parody, then you need to return to school at the 4th grade level.

Where did I get my morals from?

I would say my parents, but I never knew my dad and my mother was a rather amoral person. Maybe that’s where it starts: I saw what others were doing and decided to live differently.

I have 4 basic moral principles I live by:
1. Treat others with respect and kindness.
2. Do my best to be honest at all times.
3. Avoid doing things that harm others.
4. Work hard and try not to take any more than I need.

To explain where they come from.

1. During most of my elementary and middle school years, I was one of those kids that was bullied and treated poorly by my peers. So I know first hand what it feels like to be mistreated by others, and try my best to avoid being that way myself. Furthermore, I have also known the kindness of others, and how that made me feel.

2. I have seen the consequences of lying and dishonesty. I have seen my own lies hurt others, I have felt the hurt of being lied to by others, and I have seen the damaged wrought by others from their own lies. From all of this I have learned that being honest is the best way to live. By being honest, I never have to keep track of the lies I have told. And I never have to worry about someone being hurt when the truth is discovered. That’s not to say that I am not guilty of the occasional fib, or omission. But usually those are cases where the truth would do more harm than good, so it’s either better to say nothing, or find an honest statement that avoids the real truth.

3. This should be self explanatory. Whether it’s another person or an animal, I just believe it’s wrong to do anything that is intentionally harmful to others. This includes everything from causing physical harm to the harm caused by lying or stealing. And I’ll take it a step further and say that I try to be helpful when I can.

4. I grew up in a welfare home. I know what it means to need the “social safety net” to survive. But I have also seen that safety net abused by people who were not willing to put in an honest day’s work. Everything I have, I have earned on my own, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

When you get down to it, my moral code is based on life lessons. It’s about learning from my mistakes and the mistakes of others, and constantly striving to be a better person.

The other thing I’ll add is that I very seldom see moral issues as black and white. Virtually everything has shades of gray, even the most obvious issues. What may be the right thing to do in one situation, may not be right in a different situation.

-If one argues, as some deeply religious individuals do, that without God there can be no ultimate right and wrong – namely that God determines for us what is right and wrong – one can then ask the question: What is God decreed that rape and murder were morally acceptable ? Would that make them so ?

While some might answer yes, I think most believers would say no, God would not make such a decree. But why not ? Presumably because God would have some *reason* for not making such a decree. Again, presumably this is because *reason* suggests that rape and murder are not morally acceptable. But if God would have to appeal to *reason*, then why not eliminate the middleman entirely ?- Lawrence Krauss, A Universe From Nothing, Pgs 171-172.

We can also spell. Typing ‘write’ when you mean ‘right’ isn’t a typo.

Do theists even know write from Left?? Or should that be Write from Right?

“”Every atheists i see wandering around claims they didn’t get their morals from God. Is that so? Then who did you get them from?

I got mine from my parents and from society. and it is SOCIETY that makes things Clear to Individuals what is Moral and Immoral…

and That has VARIED throughout History from society to society..and always will

“”I’d have more respect for you underlings if you said you get them from a non-christian God””

But than atheists would have No self respect..using Imaginary gods to get things we Ourselves can get from Society!

would christians run amok if god was proven to be nonexistent? Because they claim that that get THEIR Morals ONLY from a Logically..with no god..christians would all happily become Mass Murders and child Rapists…

why do we let these Dangerous christians walk around Free? they could snap at any moment!

Not going to give you sh!t about the typo like so many thiests here do to me (since they can’t answer my questions logically). You should learn a little more about the science of morality, especially in mammals. There’s a great NOVA that shows even rats have a rudimentary sense of write/wrong (haha).

If you don’t trust shows like NOVA, or anything some “Godless Scientist” says, then I really can’t help you understand this concept. All one has to do is read the bible all the way through for CLEAR evidence that we most certainly DO NOT get our morals from god or gods. If you are the type of theist who DOESN’T accept science, try that at least.

Virtually everyone who has been born and raised in the Western world gets their morals from Judeo-Christian values, no matter what they say — or they get them from the heathen. And mostly it’s really a mix of the two. Don’t murder, don’t steel, don’t take your neighbors wife — all these are common sense ideals for the good of civilization — if you don’t abide by them, you dwindle into chaos. But their god is themselves — they have made their interpreter of truth themselves. Therefore they are their own gods. And they serve themselves in what ever way they can to get whatever they want, without bringing down destruction/prison on themselves. Plain and simple.

‘Then who did you get them from?’

Interesting wording when you could have asked ‘where’ not ‘who’. Somethin’ tells me you’re not really open to answers which disagree with your opinion but I’m gonna tell you anyway:

Morals are an evolutionary adaptation which our genes have ‘programmed’ us to adhere to. By a simple process of natural selection it has enhanced social animals like humans & can even be seen in simplistic forms in many higher species of relatively high intelligence like bonobos & dogs which have been observed using with altruistic behavior. Species which can do this succeed better & as a result their offspring carry the trait on to the next generation – and the next – and the next…

Atheists are humans so of course they know right from wrong. Oh and they can spell too,even while typing fast. Do you know this question is wrong and stupid? We have eyes,we can tell right from wrong even before knowing of God(if you’re a Christian) shame on your question.

So you saying that if something is wrong then it goes against God. The Bible says how the sun revolves around the earth. Science proves that is wrong. That mean the Bible goes against God? Right?
So this means the science is right and the Bible is wrong.
Science = Good
Bible = Evil

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