Do Liberals hate “The Sound of Music” because the von Trapp family escaped the Government at the end?

They didn’t “escape” the government… they “switched” governments.

The von Trapp family was clearly so evil even the Nazis wanted them dead.

I’m a liberal and I like that movie. But the ending is really kinda sad. Do you really think that the Nazis are going to let that covenant of nuns off? They helped the fugitives escape. They were probably executed en masse.

Do Cons hate West Side Story because the music lyrics and choreography were done by 3 gay guys ??

the movie is a work of fiction, and is not close to the reality of what happened at all:
the kids were actually pretty ugly, the father was not threatened with death, the left in broad daylight on a train after telling family members.

That or the fact that it does not have any reality TV show stars in it, it also could be the fact that it does not have the likes of a Kardashian in it, or even Paris Hilton!

No. I LOVE the Sound of Music and I never met a liberal who didn’t love it, too! You need to stop drinking the Faux News Kool Aid.

Do cons hate “It’s a Wonderful Life” because George Bailey didn’t go to jail?

@westside, good one. you beat me to the answer a question with a question.

You are desperate to dig up any mud to throw at the liberals. I can tell with this question.

Nein, vas outanding film.

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