Do most scientists believe in God?

I saw a show on intelligent design the other day and it said that most scientists believe in God, and more scientists are starting to think evolution is false. I think the show was biased and wrong. What do you think?

i think something like 5% of scientists in biology and math fields believe in a personal god, you can find the stats here:….

Well, I have always wondered about the meaning of the word science. It is from the Latin word scientia, meaning “knowledge” So why we don’t say knowledge..why use latin.. As a human endeavour, knowledge in the middle ages in Europe was censored by the Church. The church was very worried to what man was going to discover..the church wanted people to only believe in superstition. You can deduct this when you read about history and learn what kind of punishment some people seeking knowledge got. This was a great opportunity for atheists to blame religion and decide to never mention the creator in findings..stayed secular. Eventually, knowledge was called by the latin synonym SCIENCE to give it a kind of religious mysticism. What the church did is now being done always in the name of Science (Most of us can’t argue its theories, which eventually are proved to be wrong). In reality some Scientists believe in God and others don’t..but the most famous don’t usually portray that in their writings or findings because it is not politically correct. But the truth is a true Scientist or knowledgeable person cannot deny the existence of One God. I really wonder, can you actually write this in your essay..I doubt it..but that is what I believe to be true!!

Must have been created by fundamentalists because I haven’t seen any reports of scientists suddenly starting to think evolution is false. By the way I’m Christian and I think evolution is as much a fact as gravity.

Most scientists are either agnostic or atheists.Some may go to church but they just like the singing and companionship.There are some believers but not in the same proportions as the non scientists.

Most scientists still don’t believe in God.

Don’t know what show that was but you’ll find, if you do a little research, that most scientists do not believe in God.

Science requires testable evidence, allied to rational thinking, and even the most educated believer can’t supply that.

It’s a 50/50 shot. Most scientists try to prove God exists, while others do the opposite. That’s one of the reasons why scientists want to be scientists

Of the truly intelligent and educated people I’ve known in my life they all seem to agree there is a higher influence over our world but can’t and wont elaborate on exactly what it is.

i’m a scientist and i find you have a big mix, just like with society as a whole. i find scientists do tend to be more critical of religion, just like how they are critical with science. i find scientific believers or people of faith are more open to questioning and examining the tenets of their faith and not being offended by it, though.

it’s true most scientists do belive that God dose exist because they have no acurate evedencie to back up there theory because a few years ago the realized that carbon dating is very inacurate so it throws most of there teachings while in the bible explains and tells us of mysteries of the earth that have been proven to be true in todays invorment

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