Ecw fantasy please pick the winners DAM!!?

Match 1 Hardcore champ elliagh burke vs Raven vs The boggie man

Match 2 Hardcore holly vs bobby lashley steel cage match

Match 3 The sandman vs BDV

Match 4 Balls mahony & Kane from smackdown vs The miz & Jesse and festus

Match 5- Tommy dreamer vs Cm punk vs Terry funk vs Rob van dam 4 man ecw rules…

1. Raven wins with the Raven Effect ddt on to a table with thumbtacks

2. Hardcore Holly wins because lashly throws him into the cage which breaks and allows holly to win. but lashly grabs him and does a Dominator through a table and leaves

3. The Sandman wins after throwing water and soap on BDV causing him to collapse. jsut kidding! Sandman wins after a Singapore cane shot to the Grape fruits

4. KAne and Balls Mahoney win after a Chokeslam/Chairshot Combo onto the MIZ

5. RVD wins after a frog splash off a ladder through a table to CM Punk. Dreamer took Funk out with a Body slam through a flaming table off the turnbuckle to the outside which took them both out for the rest of the match

Match 1 Hardcore champ elliagh burke

Match 2 Hardcore holly steel cage match

Match 3 The sandman

Match 4- Balls mahony & Kane from smackdown

Match 5- Cm punk 4 man ecw rules match for the vacant ecw world title.

WQ: Its to early in his carrer to decide that.

Yes Jesse wears the same outfit and he’s also trying to be a highflyer and he is doing the ”same” moves

1.elliagh burke
2.bobby lashley
4.Balls mahony & Kane
5.Rob van dam

a million. Rob Van Dam wins after Rolling Thunder 2. enormous Daddy V wins the ‘squash’ experience with a abdomen Flop 3. Mick Foley wins after a Double Arm DDT 4. Elijah Burke wins after an Elijah Experiance 5. Sabu wins after a leg drop


2.Hardcore holly

3.Big Daddy V

4.Balls Mahony and Kane

5.Rob Van Dam

hell no he will never be the next rob van dam


Bobby lashley


mahony& Kane


1 burke

2. holly

3. sandman

4. balls n kane

5. RvD

and never

elijah burke
the miz & jesse & festus


Balls and Kane
No not even close

Balls and Kane


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