For those who know a lot about Biblical and Palestinian archaeology, how accurate is this collection?

Those who know a lot about Biblical and Palestinian Archaeology, please tell me how accurate this is that I put together. Also, please tell me if there are better sources that you know of than the ones I used, or if you don’t agree with it, different sources.


Good job. You should read “Return to Sodom and Gomorrah – Bible stories from archaeologists” by Charles Pellegrino. The author is a nuclear physicist and archeology is his hobby. Most biblical stories have been shown to contain some truth, however, like you said, the time line is way off that’s because the stories were passed down through the generations by word of mouth for centuries before they were written down. The other thing is that natural catastrophical occurrences, such as volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and tsunamis etc, were interpreted as supernatural acts of god.

There are only two of these that I have had studies on and can be verified through archeology.
First, Moses and the Exodus. There are archiological evidences that Joseph existed. Joseph ( which is a jewish name) was given a signet ring by the pharaoh. There have been rings found in Egypt with this name on them. Why would an Egyptian ring have a Jewish name on it? This is all information leading to the Exodus. Now, it is written that Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea on dry land after God parted the waters and when the Egyptians followed the waters rushed in on them and drown them. Horse bone and chariot wheels have been found at the bottom of the Red Sea.

As for David, He built a temple for the Lord and stored Israel’s treasures there until it was conquered by the Roman Empire. ( I forget who was ruler at the time) but the recordings of this victory are still available to public view. They are inscribed on an arch in Rome. There is also a piece of the Colosseum that was refurbished at some time with a new inscription. But the old pegs that held the original letters are still there. From these, they have been able to decipher what the original wording was and it also describes this conquest.

I have never believed the Bible as a history book. I look on it as the “inspired Word of God”, not the “inspired words of God.” It is the story of a people’s growth in faith. The ancient Jewish people’s concept of history was far different than our own today. Our concept is who, what, where, why, when. Supposedly we are looking for accuracy of events (although history has been twisted often). For the ancient Jew, the only thing which was important was “why?” I forget the passage where it is told of something like 5 Jewish warriors killed 5000 of the enemy. Actual event? Most likely not in that way (the Jews may have had them outnumbered 10 to 1). What is the “truth” of the event as written in the Bible? The peoples’ belief that the only reason that they won the battle was because God was on their side.

Noah and the flood: first, the story of noah comes from the sumerians and then was used by the babylonians and then the jews heard about it when they were captive in babylon. i suggest you read the sumerian story which is virtually identical to the Bible story. one language: there is evidence that a single language existed. this proto-language is known as nilo-saharan. Philistines and abraham: where did you get the idea that both these groups were around at the same time. Abraham was from a sumerian city and lived long before the philistines arrival from the aegean sea. Moses: i find you hypothesis extremely ludicrous concerning the lack of evidence regarding this individual. the very name moses is egyptian which means “son of” as in tutmoses “son of the god tut or toth. the egyptians were a very proud people and almost nowhere do you find inscriptions or papyri with negative connotations or negative events towards the egyptians. the egyptians boasted themselves as being the winners all the time and even their battle with the hittites to secure the city of kadesh, the hittites actually won; however, the egyptians inscription say otherwise.

Try not to do too much research in wikipedia. It is sometimes an unreliable source.

Hard to have an actual “answer” for this, but it’s good stuff… I starred it so I can find it later if I need to reference it…

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EDIT: to the “girl” below me,….wiki is reliable, it has references to back it up!!

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