Green Bay Packers or Pittsburgh Steelers?

Who are you wanting to win the Super Bowl tonight?

BQ1: r u watching the game?
BQ2: r u going to a Super Bowl party?

green and yellow 🙂

i have to go with the steelers because i wanted the bears to be in the bowl and since i’m a bears fan i hated the packers 🙂 i wanted the bears and the jets to b in the bowl but it didn’t work out for either one so i guess steelers.

BQ1: not right now it’s not on but i will when it’s on
BQ2: yup at a family friend’s house

p.s. booo packers

I would like ANYONE but the steelers to win. So i’ll be cheering for the Green Bay Packers (Even though i like the Jets).

BQ1: Yea, my fiance is making us go to my parents house to watch it because my mom is making a bunch of food. haha

BQ2: Kind of, My parent’s hosue can get pretty wild so i;ll count that as a party.

Why no longer get off of Obama’s ballsack and picture for your self, rattling this u . s . gets so butthurt over imperfect presidents. besides, I knew the steelers have been gonna have a coarse time with the packers, and that they lost so i’m satisfied because of the fact that Steeler followers desire to talk **** alot.

Green and Yellow all day! <3
I’m from Baltimore, so I have a moral obligation to hate Pittsburgh. Plus, GB is my second team anyway 🙂

BQ1: yes I’ll be watching the game
BQ2: I’m hosting the party


well, actually, not really
they’re probably not gonna win, but I’m rooting for them ALL THE WAY

yes i’m watching the game
no i’m not going to a party

I don’t want the steelers to win. So the packers.
BQ: yes
BQ2: yes at my parents house


BQ: Hell No!
BQ2: My boyfriend really wanted me to go with him to one haha but i hate football so i didnt even tho i love parties =/ they are great ways to get smashed and Focked Up! but not everyone thinks thats a good idea on here so yeah…dont vote me down because of that i mean my personal decitions of doing that stuff has nothing to do with what you should do…..

Awnser Mine Please?;…

Definitely the Packers.
I despise the Steelers with a passion.

BQ: Yes.
BQ2: No.


BQ1 – Yeah!
BQ2 – Yeah, after the game.

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