How a foreign guy can get a date from an American woman?

English is not my mother tongue. For many reasons, I think in my native language and that reduces my proficiency in talking in English. I’ve also been living in US for a few years and couldn’t get used to the culture very well. For example, sometimes people have to tell me what they’ve told was a joke…

of course. im not American, i just have like 3 years here and i already have an American boyfriend so all you have to do is meet girls that are not racist!

Foreign guys are attractive. Their accents and cultural values add excitement to a relationship.

By the way, your English is really good. Well, your written English is good, which means that you have the potential to excel in spoken English. It sounds like you’re not confident in your abilities, so in a way, you’re making things harder for yourself.

I wish I could help you regarding dating, but I don’t know how to help you. I’m not saying that finding an American woman for you is impossible, but that understanding differences in culture (as you’ve mentioned) can be really hard. Hopefully you’ll find someone who can see through te minor things (so you can’t get their jokes? So what?) and find out some of your great qualities.

lol every single thing u have said happened to a guy friend and i dated him anyway its the sense of the exotic. now as to the english that is something you can work on. you can take english classes etc….. and as to the humor of americans go rent as many funny american movies as u can and watch them all and see what we think is funny will go a long way to making you more american. also as to the dress find some guy who is very popular and see how he dresses. dress sharp… which means match that was the biggest problem for the guy i dated. matching shirts and you dress is very important here. it says much about you. you dont want your clothes screaming geek! do you? anyway be confident and be yourself.

I don’t know about all foreign women but Eastern European women in general tend to be more feminine and not as self-centered and materialistic as American women.

some American Woman like Guys that have a cute accent…find a way to church….or clubs…get some numbers and ask people out 🙂 but then don’t make a huge fool out of yourself and remember to check if the girl if availble before you make you move.last thing you need is an angry boyfriend…or worse..and angry husband 🙂

don’t worry, american women always think foreign guys are hot haha. Remember to be yourself and don’t worry so much about the culture or your english, just let your personality shine through

uhm. just get little less of your wall up and hey learn a few jokes yourself. go out and just have fun, party a little and dance some. every girl likes to connect with some one who can let lose and laugh. and hey accents are hot.

Just go out and meet some girls.. if you like one, ask her out. This is really a no brainer. Be yourself, don’t change yourself, your culture, or where you come from to get a date.

I dont get it. What happened to your wife? Your not divorced I know that much. American women dont like LYING men! If you have a wife you either work out things with her or you divorce her!

ya man just hit up a club or bar and hang out with girls and get some numbers

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