How do people keep ducks as pets?

Not thinking about getting them. I’m just wondering how people keep ducks as outdoor pets? Don’t they fly away? And how do you take care of them?

About flying: Depends on the breed… Most will stay right where they are if their home is safe from predators and they have food/water.

Ducks are very dirty… They need water when they eat and can choke to death w/o it, so water is kept w/ducks (not just for swimming) at all times. They’ll scoop their feed into their bill and then scoop water to soften it and help them “swallow”. That always creates dirty water.
They also poop constantly… (as do all birds)….

How does someone keep them as a pet? Well, I wouldn’t recommend keeping ducks for pets unless you live where you can provide at least a childs size pool of water, don’t mind dumping, rinsing and refilling all the time to keep it clean and don’t mind a lot of quaking and poop.
The only duck that I’m aware of that doesn’t “quack” is the Muscovy… That breed DOES like to fly.

I saved a duck as a puppy. i did not practice it nonetheless, nor did I shop it interior the homestead. I saved it in a tremendous cage, and as quickly as I enable it out it may persist with me. It enjoyed taking swims interior the water trough. in case you have it in a pool, make confident it has the thank you to get out. additionally make confident the water is risk-free. universal water is positive, yet whilst it rather is dealt with it won’t be risk-free. i does not shop a chicken interior the homestead.

Because Ducks are awsome.You got a problem with that? >->

Feed them provide a pond and big yard and clip their wings

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