I Hate it when my Mom Farts. What do you Hate abt your Mom ?

Its loud..and it goes on for like 3 seconds…

sorry mom, but i really hate that.. lmao

lol same here!

edwardzslady duh<3


Here’s a true, funny story (my dad told me this yesterday): When my brother and I were little kids (like 3) we were doing like this road trip thing and when we got out of the car my mom let out this huge fart and my dad yelled “Kids! ITS A BEAR! RUN!” and my brother and i thought it was and screamed/ran all the way back to the car.

I hate when my mom tries to like talk to me and my friends when wer having a conversation or something. Or in the car when were obviously talking about something or someone she doesn’t know and she said “Who is that?” or “What did they do?”. She’s not friends with my friends, I am!!

i hate when my mom is mad at me when i do something wrong or like miss a lot of assignments in school, she talks about me out loud to my dad… in the same room i’m in. its so ridiculously annoying.

Lol, I love it when my mom farts, cause were all kind of open with our flatulence and burping and stuff, and shes calls us gross and stuff, so when she does it we get to call her out…

But the one thing I can’t stand about my mom…she says “ya know?” at the end of every freakin sentence….ugh..

LOL, sick! And freaky O_o

i hate when my mom says no xD

i hate when my mom says stupid words and phrases that she thinks are funny

wow everyone has such farty moms…the fart problem is with my dad..
i hate it when my mom uses her nagging voice to make me clean up my room

i hate it when my mother gets so drunk she starts a fight with my father and then we spend the rest of the night at the hospital

Omg me too.

When my mom farts it is so smelly and she cant even warn me.

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