I keep getting hurt in gun accidents, but I don’t feel like stopping. Should the government pay for my wounds?

Shooting guns is a right. I’m not very good at it, so I keep getting hurt in gun accidents.

But I don’t feel like stopping, and it’s my right. But I get hurt so often, I used up all my money on doctor bills for all my injuries.

But I don’t feel like stopping. So can the government pay for my…

Sounds reasonable. You choose and irresponsible behavior but cannot afford it and refuse to stop. Why, people would be terrible if they were to refuse to pay for your bills.

We already do.

That’s the thing cons don’t get. We don’t let people die in the streets, and ERs don’t turn people away because they can’t pay – that’s already the law. If a case like that existed, that person would get treated every time they showed up to an ER – and the cost would be absorbed through others’ health insurance.

That’s why we want to have everyone have health insurance. Because you already get the BENEFITS of health insurance (expensive health insurance, since emergency care is far more expensive than preventative care) regardless of whether or not you carry it – it’s just a matter of whether you’re paying for it or not.

Shooting guns is not a right. There are plenty of laws about where one can discharge a firearm. And Obama or any other politician is going to take care of your personal negligence. You sound like you need a good mental health counselor..

I know the second amendment. And I know one can not discharge a firearm in most city limits. You sound like are from hicksville.

The fact that you’re using the Rush Limbaugh approach at creating your analogy proves you just don’t get it.

so… you are trying to troll for both the gun nuts and the obama supporters? the elusive double-trolling question has alluded you and the attempt is transparent.

The contraception issue isn’t about the government paying for it. It’s about insurance companies covering it.

Please solve the problem by “accidentally” shooting yourself.

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