If John McCain becomes President, will the world end soon after?

I truly hope that Mr. McCain stops his mission to become the next President of the USA. This country needs to change it’s image from crazy redneck/white trash, racist, Warmongers, propaganda pushers, to uniters. I am tired of are “leaders” deciding to attack counties just because they disagree will…

No of course not.

But the world will come to an end if Obama is elected.

Remember the Muslim Terrorists are determined to get their hands on weapons grade Uranium to construct several atomic bombs that they will smuggle in shipping containers to various locations in China, India, Russia, Spain and the United States of America.

That will be the end of the world as we know it for all practical purposes if that happens.

As bumbling and as incompetent as George Bush is, I must give him credit for preventing the Muslim Terrorists from getting their hands on weapons grade Uranium that they could have used to make atomic bombs.

Barack Obama wants to get out of the region.

That menas the Muslim Terrorists will have a free hand to encourage states in the Middle East, such as Iran, to purify Uranium to weapons grade and give some of the weapons grade Uranium to the Muslim Terrorists to make crude nuclear weapons.

the day a crude nuclear weapon goes off anywhere, not just the United States of America, your life will change for the worse in ways that you cannot even imagine.

It will be the end of the world as you know it.

The world will become a very nasty, mean brutish place.

The nice pleasant comfortable world that you know today will cease to exist.

You are living in fantasyland if you think that you can persuade the Muslim Terrorists to be friends with us.

The Muslim Terrorists have one objective in mind and that is Muslim Supremacy and Sharia Law enected world wide.

The Muslim Terrorists will keep fighting us until they have destroyed us and implemented Sharia Law world wide.

It is not a matter that they hate us. It is a matter that they want power over us. They want is to convert to Islam and submit to Sharia Law.

It is a shame that people like you make posts like this one on subjects that you know absolutely nothing about.

I have spent over 40 years of my life trying to bring peace to the Middle East.

I served in the Carter Adminsitration in the Egypt Project, which was a massive antipoverty program for the Middle East.

The Egypt project was modeled after the Marshall Plan which was used to rebuild Europe after World War II.

The Egypt Project was cancelled because of opposition from Muslim Terrorists.

We did not realize it at the time, but the Muslim Terrorists were concerned that the Egypt Project would make it very difficult to recruit new Muslim Terrorists because the Egypt Project would have given all Muslims prosperity and good prospects for the future.

That would have eleiminated large numbers of recruits to Muslim terrorism if the Muslims had better prospects for the future and better alternatives for themselves than Muslim Terrorism.

is this Obama’s Y/A profile? just under a fake name? Your crazy man… why do you feel so much hate for someone? you need to take your crazy pills dude… would you rather the fight come to us on our own soil, like what happened in New York. I’m sure you’d want some foreign country coming to your backyard and dropping bombs on your patio. Other countries around the world have way to different beliefs than Americans to sit down and hope for peace. Sharing a cup of coffee with Sadam and Stalin and Hitler would have put a stop to all the blood shed that took place. Why don’t we just drop teddy bears instead of bombs, YEAH that will change some minds around the world…

The guy Mike above me has the best answer, he seems to know exactly what is going on with the situation. And for YOU to ask if the worlds gonna end after Mccain becomes president, is very ignorant… TROLL!!!!

You had been deceive by means of the ones smoke in media. Iran is handling France. There is alway decision on each situation; simply as a substitute it’s been accredited. Although the nuclear progress in Iran is utterly a B_S_, it does obtain anything at the same time well for the complete global. If Iran be given the support and tracking from the sector, it may be a recycling core for Russia on nuclear waste. With the heritage on Iran, western nations had principle on its targets, which immediately associated with soiled bombs. If Iran can frankly speak with France; maybe, France can shine a brand new mild to its progress to show it right into a recycling core. In this situation, conflict is simply a heritage noise or smoke on diplomatic events.

Haha! maybe. John McCain isn’t a racist, or redneck but he is intolerant for other religions because he accused Obama of being a Muslim. And the reason many people hate Americans is we don’t take the time to negotiate with our “enemies”

wow ur an iliterate hippy, u cant even use the word “are” right in a sentence… and btw that whole peace thing aint gonna happen its of human nature to cause trouble and violence. obama wanted to bomb pakistan because he thought osama was there and theyre OUR ALLY? mccains just finishing something bush started to maintain peace in iraq. obama went to a racist church for 20 years, how does that unify?!?!? obama has been using the most propaganda than any other candidate in this election so suck on that and btw we’re not attacking iran, israel is

Nope, theres too much money for the people making it at stake to merly end the fockin planet. There will allways be coruption in every place, but there will allways be insight to correcting it. Eventually human kind will learn hopefully before its too late.

John McCain is not a redneck, racist, or any of that. And do you think Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein would have just been like “Oh sorry my bad” if we sat down and talked to them?

“Who the **** cares what Iran does with it’s Nuclear Program? Why can’t someone just say. ‘ Let’s be friends?”

are you serious? like really? did….are you serious?

No!! if oboma becomes president the apocalypse will come soon after!! Hes the anti-christ you idiot!!!


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