If we have a military, larger than the next 1/2 dozen countries combined, how are we broke?

I take it that you don’t realize that if we cut military spending to zero – we would still be broke.

If you take a look at the Federal budget – you would see that military spending is not what is killing us.

It is partly to blame for why we are broke. Current troop levels (and corresponding equipment) is well above what it takes to defend the continental U.S. & associated territories (ie a defensive force). It is our decisionto bring force to bear OUTSIDE of the U.S. and to influence the world (through our military) that we spend what we do on our military.

Edit:” take it that you don’t realize that if we cut military spending to zero – we would still be broke.”

That is a typical conservative reactionist statement. Nobody once mentioned defunding the U.S. Military completely or past the point where we are unable to defend our Country.

Likewise it is pointless to point out that even if we did defend the military completely we would still be spending to much money. If you spread the “cuts” over multiple services, you eventual get to the point where we balance our budget. The military is one of those things in which we OVERSPEND by $100 – $200 BILLION a year because we want to play world police.

Military funding now pays for the needed CIA and our military arsenal, which in the past did not catch Bin Laden. whether we stop in Afghanistan or not its purpose was to stop the taliban and al qaeda and to finish military training in Iraq. If all the military personnel came home what would be the unemployment figures? Stop and consider subsidies for oil/gas, corporation taxation which is low by percentage, farm subsidies produce better than drastic cutting of the military, which I am not against where needed.

Because they depend on our military but contribute nothing to it.
NATO is mostly US funded
Japan only has the US for its Defense
Latin American countries depend on the threat of US involvement. Argentina could not even take the Falkland Islands
Israel depends on our military as a threat

Military expenditures are one of the biggest reasons we’re going broke. So when you hear the Conservatives saying that Obama is diminishing our standing in the world by letting the French take the lead in Libya or by having NATO command the effort, don’t eat up their bull!

He’s doing it to show the world that other countries have to at least start to enforce world peace alongside the United States. We just can’t afford to pay for everything anymore.

Cos ye spent too much on your military and went to war with way too many countries albeit in some cases for good reasons. Spending billions if not trillions on war will add up eventually.

That is why we are broke , our military and defending the world. We spent more on defense last year than was paid in Federal income taxes.

Well if we allowed our military to pillage and plunder then we’d be doing fine. But we use it for “defense” so they aren’t allowed to do that. I say we make our military a pirate army instead.

How many troops at a million bucks a year? It does add up don’t it?
Why Bush invaded Iraq, i have no idea.

Paying for a militaristic empire to rule the planet is expensive and our taxes aren’t high enough to support it.

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