In your opinion is it fair to leave a crate trained small dog in a crate for 22 hours?

We are leaving town for the weekend. We will have a sitter at our house about 22 hours after we leave. My husband wanted me to leave my well trained dog in his crate for that length of time. No food, water, or potty breaks. He can stay mess free for up to 12 hours at a time for sure. Please, (animal rights…

I think 22 hours is too long to leave a dog in a crate. And its great that you have already found someone to take care of the dog for you :). The crate can be a really good thing for a dog, its like their own room. A place where they are safe and they can get away too. I know my dog loves crates. Depending on the situation, I think 5 hours is around the longest I would leave my dog in a crate. If there was a emergency, and I knew I was going to be gone all day, I would leave him free in the house and have someone come to let him out during the day, or I would call a boarding kennel and drop him for the day. I hope this helps 🙂

What? NO!!! That is not ok. It is unacceptable and irresponsible.

The dog should be boarded with a vet or a kennel.

Cats are ok with pet sitters. You would need a pet sitter to come at least 2 or 3 times a day if not more often.

Small dog = small bladder

I’m glad that you asked this but I’m disgusted that your husband thinks it’s ok. He is clueless and cruel.

Call Animal Control and see what they tell you!!!!

Ask your dog’s veterinarian and see what they say!!!

No one would say that this is ok. It’s animal cruelty.

If this happens then you are engaging in animal cruelty and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

22 hours?? 12 hours?? Insane!

Let’s put you in a room for 22 hours without water, food, or bathroom breaks. Why would it be different for a dog?

girl – you are singing my song. We have a 4 year old lab that has the run of the house, and just recently got a 4 month old great dane. We crate our dane when we are away and at night and so far there is no problem. They don’t seem to know the difference. I would try to make the crate your new dogs “den” with a soft pillow and a stuffed animal. Your current dog will appreciate the break from the baby. I make sure to give my crated dog a kong with peanut butter and treats to keep her occupied and the same thing for the “free” one. Don’t feel guilty at all. You are doing the right thing. Think of this, if you left your puppy out while you were gone to poop and pee and destroy all your furniture – and you got really really mad – then you could feel guilty. Good luck

Absolutely not. The ideal situation would be to have someone come over for a few hours during the 22 hours between you leaving and the sitter arrive to spend time with the dog, potty break and water. Next best thing would be to have a trusted friend or neighbor come over to your house at intervals to let the dog out to stretch, etc.

Crate training is essential and people who know their buttocks from their elbow about training and dog psychology knows that. No everyone knows about dogs. My husband has also suggested some pretty bizarre things. The difference between ignorance is stupidity is that when you are ignorant you don’t know any better. Stupidity is knowing better and choosing to ignore it.

Thanks for making arrangements for someone to come care for your dog! hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

22 hours without food, water or a potty break? NO.. that is cruelty. What’s the longest you can hold your bladder? 22 hours? I dont think so.. you’d eventually pee your pants if you tried! Same for the poor dog! It wont really hurt a dog to fast for about a day, but unless there is a medical reason to deny water, an animal should have access to water at all times.

Either get someone to come let him out a few times that day for potty and exercize breaks.. or put him up in a boarding kennel for the day.. if you have a sitter for the rest of the weekend, you can arrange for them to pick him up from the kennel.

No, it wouldn’t be fair to leave your dog in a crate for 22 hours. I can pretty much guarantee there will be an “accident” and it is hardly fair to expect the dog to lie there for hours in it’s own waste. Not to mention your sitter won’t thank you for having to clean it up. As mentioned previously, you should either get a neighbour to let the dog out or leave it in with access to newspaper or potty pads to go on.

Absolutely NOT!

Have your husband sit in the crate for 22 hours and see how it feels.

Added: Yahoo Q & A is not for surveys but to ask and answer questions. You ask a question and we answered. Sorry you didn’t like some of the answers. If you didn’t want your husband brought into it, then you should not have said that HE is the one wanting to leave the dog in a crate for 22 hours.

It is not fair, I agree with crate training, but expecting such a small dog to not use the bathroom at all for 22 hours is expecting too mcuh from him, and if he does mess in the crate (which he will) he will have to sit in it until the person comes to get him. Instead of crating him, you should get a puppy pad or something and put him in the bathroom or another place with a door that is small, so he can use it. you would be able to put him some food and water in there too but he wouldn’t be able to get to anything he could tear up.

No, I’m sorry. No dog should be asked to sit in a crate without water or potty breaks for 22 hours.

All of my dogs are crate trained, but I wouldn’t consider that for a moment.

Is there a laundry room or other area you can put him in with some potty pads or newspaper? You could leave his crate in there (door open) for security.

I this a send up, or are you daft, cruel or what?. Before you even think about leaving your dog for this length of time, try going without a pee, poo, water or food for twenty two hours. Hells teeth you say that you normally leave your dog for twelve hours. This is not just daft it is cruel. You say that your children do not violate your dogs safety when he is in a cage. However if would appear that you have been violating him for the duration of his life. Please tell me that this is a send up, otherwise I will not sleep tonight.
Please tell me that you are a troll, or get your dog rescued.
EDIT. Big deal a couple of visits. I hope that you have a miserable weekend and again I would suggest that you have your poor dog rescued.

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