Is there anything like ONCE IN A LIFETIME?

Is there such thing as ONCE IN A LIFETIME?

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Yes certainly
its simple though

your birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Yeah.. alot of things are once in a lifetime such as:
taking your first step
saying your first word
getting your first haircut
losing your baby teeth
your first kiss
graduating from high school
the birth of your first child..

Yes, there is if you believe in such things though.

Yes, Chuck Berry put his hand out to me at the beginning of his concert and I was on stage with him the whole concert. It was so exciting. And I had a pet bear before.

yes,they are:-birth,death.Certainly some opportunities only come once in a lifetime. Remember fate is kindest to those who are prepared. So, know yourself so you know which opportunities to grab.

First love

so now you know that there are more than ONCE IN A LIFE TIME

Ermmmmmm u mean like when u win the lottery??



Of course.

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