Male Puppy owners! Does anyone have any tips for my friends who have a 7 month yorkie pup who’s just learned

How to lift his leg to wee..and is practising this on the household furniture?

Hi there, tell your friend to get the puppy neutered, mine were done just at that age and they were fine. Also there is a product that is sold in any good pet shop that you spray where they are doing there business and it stops them doing it, sorry I can’t remember the product name at the moment, if I remember I will e-mail you.

The answer is neuter the pup, it’s that simple. All the furniture and areas that he’s peed on need to be cleaned with an enzyme cleaner otherwise he’ll come home and start peeing again and you’re back to square one..

He’s not “weeing”, he’s beginning to mark his territory. Tell them to get the dog neutered or it will continue and just get worse.

One of the only things that can be done, it get onto him or neuter him.

Soon, it will be like visiting a friend I have. She has two male Pugs that mark all her stuff, table legs,couch, chairs, guests……it is nasty and her house smells.


Yes, neuter him.

u can get smelling puppy pads which attract them to it

prolly at

you can get him fixed, but they should also be telling him no.

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