Mitsubishi Eclipse for a first car questions?

Ive been looking into the the mitsubishi eclipse for a first car and I had a few questions so here go’s, and thanks.

1. Is the eclipse a good first car? Is it realiable, good on gas etc?

2. Whats the fastest model, like theres RS. GS, GT, GTS, etc (automatic btw)

3. What is a good mileage for this car…

I own a 2002 eclipse gs convertible. It was my first car, and now three years later still runs like a charm. It has had its cosmetic isues just like any car will over time but the engine runs great. Its a sporty looking car and is not that high prices which makes it a great first car. I get 23 mpg city and 29 to 30 if i drive correctly on a highway/interstate, and that is my personal calculations. If it is automatic gts is the fastest. But with simple cheap mods that are better for the car anyway such as a cold air intake you will be just as quick. I bought mine with 59000 miles for 6,500 and it had a paint issue. Insurance is a little higher, but it is way lower than that of some nissan 350 or 370 or a ford mustang. Dont let people discourage you. They are great cars. I hope i have helped.

I’d go with something by Ford or Nissan, the Mitsubishi Eclipse in all out honesty is a terrible car that was made popular by movies like The Fast and Furious. Shop around because this car isn’t very quick and mostly housewives drive it.

1. It’ll do. They are unreliable (unless it’s been well take care of). My GSX gets

2. 2G GSX (add a trans brake and they are quick little drag cars). Also automatics are for little girls or drag racing.

3. Under 100k is decent for how old they are. Still, it all comes down to condition.

4. For a non-turbo model? Not so bad. For a turbo model? Well… my insurance is about $1k a year and I’m 24.

5. I suggest you get a nice reliable Honda or Toyota if you can’t do your own work as Mitsubishi cars like to have “issues”.

the GSX is the fastest of the 90s eclipses, the newer GTS’s are alright, but at that price im assuming your talking about an older one. depending on the year thats reasonable. but be prepared for things to go wrong. miealge would be average. low mid 20s. as for insurance goes you can get a free quote online for most companies.

if ur goin to get an eclipse u would have to go with the year 1990-1999 GS-T foward turbo model or the the GSX the AWD turbo model they come with the more powerful 4g63 motor any other eclipse r a waste of time and money i wouldnt recommend them unless ur just into looks

way tooo much money for this model of car

they are not reliable enough to be worth this much $$

i would not give over 1500 for it, regardless of the low mileage

youre gonna neeed the leftover $ for repairs that will be needed, that all these cars need, including sooner than later transmission failure, and brake and suspension problems, and more.,

its just a cheaply built dodge with chap crap parts and chassis design and not a great engine either.

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