Muslims: If someone left Islam and came back, will it be forgiven?

Like someone, feels it doesn’t make sense, and wants to leave Islam, and then after a few years he/she decide to become Muslim again, will this be forgiven?

Well, this is a deep subject.

One pertinent thing to keep in mind is that “there is no compulsion in Islam.”
There are also plenty of places that it talks about punishing those who commit “shirk”.
Which teachings came later, possibly abrogating the previous teachings…hmmm.

It really seems to be a toss of the dice. This also explains why certain groups of muslims are constantly harming other groups of muslims. Sunni, Shia….etc. Basically considering the other group not quite up to par, as true believers. I have observed that muslims are as much victims of jihad as non muslims.

When you consider “forgiveness”, which group of muslims comes to mind? Considering this may guide your thinking as you seek your answer. You face the same problem most of the nonmuslim world faces…ninety percent or more would forgive you; that stubborn ten percent, not so much. Ten percent of a billion is still a bunch of people who may not be inclined to “forgive” such lapse in a persons life.

There are many reasons for people to leave Islam and so all we need to know is at what time they left Islam some might be this:

He also described travelling further north, through the Grand Canal to Beijing, and along with his fellow countryman Al-Bushri, Ibn Battuta was invited to the Yuan imperial court of Toghan-Temür.[50] Ibn Battuta also reported “the rampart of Yajuj and Majuj” was “sixty days’ travel” from the city of Zeitun (Quanzhou);[51] Hamilton Alexander Rosskeen Gibb notes that Ibn Battuta believed that the Great Wall of China was built by Dhul-Qarnayn to contain Gog and Magog as mentioned in the Quran.[51] Ibn Battuta then travelled from Beijing to Hangzhou, and then proceeded to Fuzhou. Upon his return to Quanzhou, he soon boarded a Chinese junk owned by the Sultan of Samudra heading for Southeast Asia, whereupon Ibn Battuta was unfairly charged a hefty sum by the crew and lost much of what he had collected during his stay in China.[52]

I don’t know. Leaving islam without becoming a part of other religion will be considered difference with becoming part of other religion. Leaving islam and becoming atheist will be considered different again.
I think the reason why leaving islam would have to be considered a bit depth before deciding will be forgiven or not.

I left Islam when I felt it didn’t make sense. I didn’t do evil things meanwhile, but when I found the truth about Islam I was back and repented and I was told that I will be forgiven and all my sins before then will be erased (as long as I commit to my repentance and do good).

You are not considered a leaver from Islam unless you really knew what Islam is and every part of it. you said you felt it doesn’t make sense that means that you didn’t really know Islam because everything makes perfect sense in Islam and the gates of tawba (becoming muslim again) is ALWAYS open, no one says the opposite of this.

It will be forgiven as long as you go back to Islam and follow it in the right way not just call yourself a Muslim … 🙂
I hope I helped


Allah says in the Quran (translation):

Say: “O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. [39 53]

This verse was revealed when some new Muslims were tortured by the Quraish and forced them to give up Islam and revert to idol worship even though they still believed. This verse was revealed in Medina and immediately dispatched to them so they would know that Allah would forgive them.

A few of these solutions are relatively horrifying like their isn’t any compulsion to religion nevertheless if you motive mischief this means that should you speak out against this faith you face the dying penalty. Barbaric or what and they want sharia legislation in western nations this must by no means be allowed to occur

Sorry, Christian answer: if a Muslim leaves and tries Christianity, then goes back, according to Christianity it would not be forgivable; however let us remember the Qur’an: God is most merciful.

Yeah. They will be forgiven. Allah is the most forgiving. Allah will always forgive.. until you die or until the sun rises from the west.

And btw, you wrote “My favourite singer is Cat Steven which he convert to Islam, he is my BIGGEST FAN,”… change it. It’s supposed to be like this.. “My favourite singer is Cat Steven which he convert to Islam, I am his BIGGEST FAN,” 😉

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