Other then Michigan vs Ohio State what is the best college football rivalry?

I would say Texas vs Oklahoma or Miami vs Florida State

Michigan vs Ohio State really is the biggest rivilry been going on forever.
Texas vs Oklahoma is big,
Alabama vs Auburn

ohio state and michigan is considered the greatest rivalry because of the history behind it. there have been many riots over this game and the city of columbus has burned because of it quite a few times. even in the past 10 years

Texas vs. Oklahoma is a much better rivalry than Michigan vs. Ohio State. Even the Alabama vs. Auburn, Army vs. Navy & USC vs. UCLA are better than that.

well since you take out Ohio State & Michigan, which is the greatest beyond any shadow of a doubt every year despit records. I would go with a close finish between Texas & Oklahoma Because its significance is pretty recent. Army & Navy is also right there because of longevity and being a vetern of the Army just the all out hatred during those games.

texas and oklahoma is the best college football rivalry without a doubt

I have been partial to Army/Navy, USC/UCLA, OU/Texas, and any of your intrastate games with a nickname (Civil War, Egg Bowl, Old Oaken Bucket, Iron Bowl, etc.)

definately miami vs florida state

or i would go Florida vs Georgia

I personally wouldn’t call UM/OSU the greatest… and it definitely hasn’t been the greatest during the Jim Tressell era. Pretty one-sided.

I’d say Oklahoma/Texas.

It’s not Ohio St. – Michigan any more. It’s Ohio St. – Penn St. Michigan’s down the tubes for the next generation.

Usc and Notre Dame.

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