Seniors. Do you name your vehicles?

Like what, “Boopsy the Jeep”?

Are we trolling for old fools?

A famous person within the U.K. (Jim Bowen) – customarily no longer all that good recognized outside U.K. – bought a disused station and made it into a wonderful house. The lines are still there and trains pass via however he now lives in the constructing that was once the station ready room, ticket office etc. As for a station wagon, no, I’ve on no account owned one and have no idea any individual who did but plenty people would have i am certain. The one automobile with wheels and an engine that I’ve ever owned used to be a motorbike.

We used to when I was a kid (60’s), and on a military deployment up North in the late 70’s, the vehicles there had names. But, that practice seems to have really died out. Military units no longer do it that I know of, and I don’t anymore either.

Our oldest pick-up has a name. My husband bought him used in 1979 and named him the day they brought him home. He has always been a “He” with a name. The kids attempted to name a few other vehicles, but the names never stuck.

No not really.
But when I was a kid, I do remember naming our ski boat the Green Pig. Old, metal, banged up, ugly, drab green color. Dad worked on the motor all the time so we could go to the lake.
Love the memories.
My little niece named my car “Boo-Boo” after I put that pink bondo on a few bruises it got along the way.

No one does that any more. Guys would name their cars after girls in the 30s, 40s and 50s. I had a friend who named his Judy after Judy Garland. You dont get too many jalopies cheap that can be modified by a teenager. Cars are too complicated for that these days and the old cars that were cheap in the 30s, 40s and 50s are at a premium as classic cars.

No – just name the dogs & cats. A friend named her white Pontiac Firebird – “Casper” like the friendly ghost. I think it is a 77 with the large decal on the hood. Its a beauty. It is still in her garage and she is relunctant to drive it. Naming a car is like naming an animal – difficult to part from.

I have never had a vehicle but if I had I really don’t think that I would name it My husband, children and and brothers all have cars but I’m not aware that any have named them.

Used to but don’t do it any longer. Not sure when we stopped naming our cars.
We must of owned at least 30 or more cars so far and hate to get emotionally attached to them.
As I recall I may of given up naming my cars after one was towed off to the junkyard after someone hit me, it was a slick little Alfa, loved that car was like losing a friend when it was towed away.

Absolutely. I have a Buick named Momo and a monte Carlo named Gertrude. At times I do get confused and mix up there names. Sometimes I get really confused and mistake Momo for a washing machine all fill him with dirty clothes and detergent. I was thought Gertrude was a peep show booth when I forgot to take my meds. I sat in there on the driveway and put quarters in the air conditioning vents and rubbed one out all over the passenger seat. My kids were gonna put me in a home. Ugh, young people

No, and I think it’s stupid to do that or to assign it a gender. Like my car was in the shop for a week and a co-worker kept asking me “how’s she doing?” I told her I don’t know the sex of my car so I can’t tell ya. 🙂
I used to have a pickup truck and I would refer to it sometimes as Truck.
I now drive a small Honda (Fit) and since I’m a Star Trek fan I’ve often referred to it as my shuttle craft, but that’s it.

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