Serious Question about crossdressing. Please see detail for a full explanation?

I am a 40yr old mtf crossdresser. An opportunity has presented itself for me to live as a woman (spend an entire week crossdressed) next month. I will be out of state and the danger of running into anyone I know is very slight. At first I was excited at this opportunity, but then I began to wonder. I have often…

I think you should go for it. I occasionally get weekends away, and spend the whole time en femme. It is tremendously satisfying, and keeps me going until the next chance.

As far as it being too long or too short, that’s all up to you. I would find a whole week to be simply too exhausting. I would have to take a break for a day in the middle of it.

There are some things to keep in mind, though. Some areas of the country are not very accepting of girls like us, and it could be very dangerous for you in some places. Large cities, especially those with large gay populations, tend to be safer than small towns and rural areas.

Have you ever dressed in public before? If not, are you sure your make-up skills are good enough? It’s like the old joke about how to get to Carnegie Hall: Practice, practice, practice. I know on my weekends, Friday night make-up is horrible because I am out of practice, but Saturday afternoon and evening I manage to look pretty darn good.

And, no matter how good you think you look, you WILL get clocked by a lot of people. Most people will not bother you, or even acknowledge that you exist, but there are some real jerks out around. Last April, my last opportunity, I left the motel on Friday to get some supper (fast food drive through), and immediately got read by two guys leaving a restaurant 50 yards away. Getting read didn’t bother me, but they made a point of pointing and laughing. I was a little worried they might follow me to harass me (or worse) some more.

One last point about whether you are transsexual or not: From what I understand, if you’re a transexual, there is no doubt about it. If you have doubts, I would guess that you’re not a TS. Talk to a professional about it, though. I did, and have never regretted it.

Have fun on your trip, and be safe

This is true, conservatives (republicans) tend to think the opposite of normal people. They believe cross dressing is morally wrong when in reality their logic is **** and there’s no rationalization for their fears of gay, bisexual, transgendered and cross dressing people. Interestingly enough though, if you find a person who is opposed to crossdressers, it’s a solid bet they are also racially biased, gender biased, ethnocentrist and a whole myriad of other isms that go way beyond the scope of this discussion. Suffice it to say, most of them are ignorant and uneducated in the world that revolves around them.

What is most interesting though is that by and large an unknown fact, cross dressers tend to almost always be more intelligent that their super male counterparts. Perhaps this is male evolution in the making…

There are different levels of cross dressing and different reasons why men do it. I’m sure you know that. One thing is to enjoy dressing as a woman for various reasons, and the other thing is to be entirely unhappy with your body.

If you are unhappy with your body, or you feel like you don’t belong in the body your creator gave you, or if you believe you think more like a woman than a man, then you might be a transsexual. Otherwise, you just love the feeling you get from being submissive, or sexy, or pretty, or whatever it is it makes you feel, or maybe it makes you feel like you’re doing something very wrong, and that brings excitement to what you’re doing.

So enjoy yourself, and never mind what other people think.

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definatly go for it! you will not regret the experience and it will give you some insight as to whether or not you should look into gender reassignment surgery. the link im giving is to the harry benjamin standards of care for transexuals who wish to have a sex change there are lots of links and information on that page. fear is a natural emotion so if you decide not to try it just work on overcoming the fear and maybe find a counsilor who is experienced with transgender people and they will be able to help you find your true self whether it is male or female.

For what it is worth you know the answer to your question inside yourself. You know how you feel and what you want only you let others confuse the issue for you. Go for it and enjoy yourself. However be very sure of yourself if you think you are a transsexual. As any transsexual will tell you it is a huge decision to go down that road and you really need to be sure of yourself and the consequneces of going down that route. Good luck and I hope you find happiness. Trust your instinct and go with that!

Appearently, no amount of telling you that it has deep seeded unhappiness and unacceptance with/of yourself is actually going to change you to normal, by definition, of the socially conservative. Frankly, I think you being male is wonderful and you ought to be proud of your sexuality. Try and explore how the other half of the population lives. If you felt that u were rejected b/c u were not dressing inappropriately, just think how even more humiliating it must be for you, because the norm isn’t too keen on dudes in dragg.

I think it’s a great opportunity to find out how you would feel living full time as a female, and it may help you figure out if you’re really transsexual. Good luck and enjoy!

Ermmm… you should just go for it!

On another note though, if you’re not sure whether or not you’re transsexual – you should find out, and get the work done. You know, Life’s too short. There’re lots of online resources about the differences between cross-dresser & transsexuals – take your time & learn more about yourself.

Did you know that people of transgender are required to live full time for a year before they will be considered for treatment, so I say go for it, have a great time and just be who you are. Have fun 😉

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